Primeval S04E03 (ITV)

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Primeval is a British science fiction drama television program produced by Impossible Pictures for ITV. The first episode was broadcast on 10th February 2007, and was renewed for a second series by ITV, which started on 12th January 2008.

The series follows a team of scientists who investigate anomalies in time and deal with the creatures that travel through. The team of five is led by Professor Nick Cutter, a palaeontologist determined to find his wife, who disappeared while investigating an anomaly in the Forest of Dean eight years previously.

From the Wikipedia entry on Primeval.

As much as the premise sounds ridiculous, the series is actually quite good. Things really get interesting when the predator from the future arrives in our timeline and wreaks havoc. There is also the enigmatic Helen, Dr. Nick Cutter’s ex-wife, who travels between times. She’s trying to get to the future era, but spends most of her time in the Permian Era.

I actually like the second series a lot more than the new season of Torchwood, and that’s saying a lot. The actors are good in Primeval and they have good chemistry, something that is completely absent from Torchwood. To confound matters even further, Dr. Cutter changed something by traveling into the past. Claudia Brown is missing and no one knows of her. He might have just stepped into an alternate worldline. However, clues are shown that there might be other time traveling agents involved. This show is really getting good.

Most definitely, Primeval is way better that the current season of Torchwood. Primeval is better than the first season of Torchwood. There are better action scenes, the script is better and it’s just plain more entertaining. The team is interesting and although Connor, Cutter and Stephen’s love life is a part of the show, it’s part of the fun. Connor is just the über geek. Stephen is still sleeping with Helen, behind Cutter’s back. Cutter doesn’t know what to do about the Claudia Brown mystery.

I was pretty happy to learn that Primeval would be coming back in 2011. Cutter is still dead, as is Helen, and Danny is missing, but Abby an Connor make it back. Immediately, some of the characters hint toward some kind of conspiracy. It’s been a year since Connor and Abby have disappeared, and much has changed. The ARC facility is now under a PPP, and the new boss is interested in all things relating to the anomalies.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A woman steps out of an anomaly. Two other people follow her out. They are in some kind of theater. One of them is sick and dies. Her name is Charlotte. The man Ethan blames Emily. A creature comes through the anomaly as well.

Matt is meeting his minder. He’s dying. There’s an anomaly alert at the ARC. Becker takes Connor and Abby. However, Philip wants his help on some security measures. It’s some kind of bio-scanner. Matt is MIA. Jess finally talks with him. She tells him where to go.

Emily tells Ethan that they need to get back. They are talking about some rules that they need to follow. They are part of some group that goes through the anomalies. Matt finds the anomaly. Then he finds Emily, who goes through the anomaly. Matt goes after her after dropping his black box. Becker and Abby arrive. Becker deploys the anomaly blocker. Abby finds the body. Ethan is still around.

Matt gets knocked out by Emily. She tells him that she doesn’t need his help and tells him to go back. A creature grabs her. Matt frees her. They run back to the anomaly. Becker is telling Abby about the rules. There are no search parties, no expeditions, no rescue operations anymore into other times.

The creature stalks them to the anomaly. The anomaly is locked. Becker is adamant about the anomaly staying locked. The team convinces him to open it up. He takes Emily through it. The creature comes through but is thrown back into the anomaly thanks to AMD fire. Matt and Emily are safe. Matt says that they are some kind of arboreal raptor.

Philip keeps Connor busy at the ARC.

Emily wakes up in the hospital. Matt doesn’t realize that Emily is from another time. Emily quickly escapes. At the hospital, they find out that the dead girl has got smallpox antibodies. This means that she’s from another time.

One of the arboreal raptors kills an ARC soldier at the theater while Ethan watches on. Jess calls Becker and Abby. Abby tells Matt to stay to see what he can find out about the girl. Emily leaves the hospital.

At the ARC, the bio scanner spots Rex and seals all doors. Philip is stuck with Rex. The ARC is on lock down. Philip says that they can’t unlock lock down.

Ethan takes out another guard. Matt is right behind Emily. Emily calls the creatures tree creepers. The tree creeper is on the roof of the theater. The creeper on top calls the other one to it.

The air is being sucked out of the room Philip is in. Philip tells Connor about a special project named New Dawn. He falls unconscious before he can elaborate. Connor gets into his system using the trapdoor he installed. He reboots the system. Philip is alright, but Rex doesn’t look too hot. Some oxygen does the trick.

Abby and Becker take one of the creepers out.

Matt and Emily shoot the creeper into a building, but they lose it. Or it loses them. They find it again. Emily uses some kind of potion to make it flee. On the roof, they try to wrangle it. Emily says that there are 15 people in their group. They only stay where there are no people. It’s part of the rules; no interfering in other human eras.

The creeper gets loose. It jumps to its death. Matt makes Emily tell Abby about this. Her name is Lady Emily Merchant. She’s from 1840. Matt wants to let her go. Abby decides to help out.

Matt takes Emily home. He’s got a swank penthouse pad. Those ARC people must be raking in the dough. Emily tells him that her people are somewhat savage and broken. She needs to find Ethan. Charlotte kept him under control. Now, they are all in danger.

* * * * *

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