V Red Rain S02E01 (ABC)

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I really enjoyed the original series. It was something quite astounding to watch. It was a mix between ultra-80s tackiness and just good old plain American science-fiction. I didn’t really get much at the time when it was originally broadcast nor did I watch it really, I just knew of it. I watched it a few times when I was older, when I got the DVD sets. The episodes were a standard science-fiction affair, but the concept was really good.

V tells the story of visitors from outer space coming to Earth to trade with humans. Strangely enough, they look human. In the original series, it took a while to find this out, as they were always wearing helmets for a while. It also took a while to discover that the Visitors aren’t really human. We discover this in the first episode of the new series. The Visitors have got a plan to take over Earth, only the people are too dumbfounded to react. They are in awe of the technology and the trades that the Visitors promise

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Season opener was a bit of a letdown. I don’t know what’s going on, but the whole red sky, red rain thing is kind of idiotic. It felt like something big was happening, only then Anna stops it and dupes the humans once again. In my mind, the writers should make some bold moves instead of just relying on stuff like red rain, blue energy, and yellow BS.

* * * * *

Red Sky has been going on for four days. Everyone is in a panic. Erica wants to find out what’s going on. They meet with the Fifth Column, when they hear that there is a riot going on at a Visitor’s Center Tyler is there. Erica goes after him. Ty is wounded in a scuffle and Erica uses him to get aboard the Mothership. He is healed and she meets Anna. Anna tells her about the Red Sky. She says that it’s a gift to heal Earth from global warming. It’s a lie. It’s to inject as much phosphor as possible into the environment and into humans, so that the Vs can eat or breed with them.

Ryan sees his daughter in a strange tank and then is cast out of the Mothership by Anna. Anna’s leadership is questioned and she kills a captain to ensure loyalty. Ryan meets up with the Fifth Column. Erica heard from Lisa that a Dr. Watts on Earth knew all about the Red Sky. Ty elects to stay aboard the Mothership, at least for now.

Back on Earth, Father Tom gets a visit from Chad, who wants to join the Fifth Column, saying that he has been duped. The Father tells him to earn his trust because he doesn’t trust him at all. Chad shows him footage of interviews that he has done with the Liveaboards. They are all being tested in some kind of needle machine, which looks like torture.

Erica, Becker, and Ryan can’t find Dr. Watts, but they meet his associate Sydney. While they are there, Ryan spots a tracker and goes after him. He goes all crazy and punches him to a pulp. Then, he puts the incineration capsule into his mouth. The tracker is dead.

Sydney shows them a skeleton that he uncovered. It’s a V skeleton. If anyone finds out, he’s dead. The Fifth Column tells him that he’s already part of their organization. Erica says that when she was preggers, she had anomalous amounts of phosphorous in her body. She thinks that she was experimented on. Sydney will run some bloodtests. Instead of using a syringe, Erica uses a scalpel to slice up her hand for the blood.

Anna tells Lisa that she needs to sleep with Tyler. After this, she tells Lisa that the medtechs have been able to revive Joshua. Lisa goes to see him. He has been brainwashed in some fashion. He remembers nothing.

Father Tom shows them the footage of the Liveaboards. They decide that Chad needs to preserve his relationship with Anna and go aboard the Mothership as a spy.

Anna is told that only 6 soldiers survived. They will all be flawed. Anna has them killed. She goes to some secret chamber. Her mother is inside.

* * * * *

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