Hublot Key of Time Watch Looks Perfect for Batman

Hublot‘s new concept watch, La clé du temps, (The Key of Time), hasn’t yet been made, but it looks like something that would go great with the Batsuit. It’s going to be a limited edition from the Hublot Confrerie Line, so my guess is that it will probably be very expensive.

hublot cle du temps key of time watch tourbillon luxury

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Klingon iPhone Stand: Today Isn’t a Good Day for Your iPhone to Die

While it looks a bit sharp for an iPhone stand, there’s no denying that this thing is unique. It’s being billed as a steampunk accessory stand, and that’s a strange way to describe something that looks so distinctly Klingon to me…

klingon iphone stand etsy star trek

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My Daily Tweets 01-27-2011

  • 00:32:48: LEGO Spraycan Explosion: All Sorts of Awesomeness:
  • 00:38:41: And bam, I’m done. Time to walk the dog and relax before going to bed
  • 03:03:54: From Twitter 01-26-2011:
  • 07:54:10: TrimSlice Tegra-Powered Pocket Computer is Probably More Powerful Than Your Netbook:
  • 19:46:42: RT @thecajunboy: In the next season of Jersey Shore, MTV’s sending Snooki & Co. to another country. Maybe after that they can send them …
  • 19:52:49: Moving to a new school after CNY. It’s a bit farther, but I’ve known the staff for a long time and they are pretty nice compared 2 my school
  • 19:53:57: Just started raining after I came home. Feeling quite upbeat about the new teaching gig.
  • 19:57:17: Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?:
  • 20:16:16: Mashops –
  • 20:17:27: Contador got banned for one year. Not long enough for a doper.
  • 20:43:19: IKEA Kvartal: Easy Unobtrusive Bike Rack Hack:
  • 20:53:18: Naty Chabanenko by Robert Hamada – Touchpuppet via @Touchpuppet
  • 20:54:04: Malgosia Bela & Iselin Steiro by David Sims for Chloé Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign
  • 20:54:37: Benny Horne for Russh #38 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 21:04:03: “When I grow up I want to be a housewife” “What do your parents think?” “They don’t know” Grade 6 Vera.
  • 21:57:36: @garrettmurray I’m writing a post for Apartment Therapy/Unplggd about your workstation/home office. I’d like permission to use your pics.
  • 21:57:56: @garrettmurray They would be credited via name and link. Thanks.
  • 21:58:57: Why TF does my FF browser use Toggle? Changed that shit using about:config & Keyword.url to Google.
  • 21:59:14: This was in the address bar search.
  • 22:57:19: Why I Get More Done with a Plain Text To-Do List via @lifehacker
  • 22:57:41: Anna Jagodzinska by Mariano Vivanco for Cesare Paciotti Spring 2011 Campaign
  • 22:58:42: Who in their right mind does the following: puts a RT button and then, the following RT is too long! >140 chars! WTF
  • 23:11:07: Gentlewoman by missAlessia via @bentrovatoblog
  • 23:58:37: @garrettmurray Thanks so much. Love your Herman Miller desk. What made you choose the Mirra over the Embody?
  • 23:59:27: @garrettmurray There’s a small rectangular piece of equipment right underneath your ACD. I couldn’t figure out for what it was.

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IKEA Kvartal: Easy Unobtrusive Bike Rack Hack


If you love bikes and you live in a small space, storing a nice bike can be a problem. It’s not always easy to find the right way to store bikes, especially if yours needs to be stored indoors. This hack creates a vertical rack for your bike, which is necessary in some situations. It’s also easy to stack more than one bike in this fashion.

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Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?

012611_rg_DIYGaming_01.jpgYesterday, we mentioned a few ways to keep your gaming area clean and organized. However, what if instead of making and/or hacking your own, you could buy one? Which would be the best to use? Read on to find out more.

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TrimSlice Tegra-Powered Pocket Computer is Probably More Powerful Than Your Netbook

Yes, I’ll admit it, this computer is pretty small, but it packs a lot of punch. Unless you’ve got a Tegra 2-powered system, it’s probably more powerful than your precious netbook thanks to a dual core processor and a few other hardware perks.

trimslice computer tiny compulab pocket

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My Daily Tweets 01-26-2011

  • 00:05:14: Like Swiss Cheese, This $1270 iPhone Case is Full of Holes:
  • 00:07:29: 12:06 AM, time to walk Spike and take a load off. Bad news at work turns out not so bad at all. Time to sell more bike!
  • 00:07:52: I’m actually glad that my time in Taiwan is coming to an end. The blatant racism gets to you sometimes
  • 00:08:30: Jobs in Taiwan are a dime a dozen, especially after/before holidays. Too many to choose from.
  • 00:09:00: It’s funny, the cat is snuggled on the sofa with me, while my pillows are partly on Spike.
  • 03:04:09: From Twitter 01-25-2011:
  • 07:53:20: Moody Keypad Puts Emoticons at Your Fingertips:
  • 07:58:21: Polina Barbasova by Siren Lauvdal for Personae Summer 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 07:58:42: Ieva Laguna & Ilva Hetmann by Sebastian Kim – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 08:01:25: Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized:
  • 08:03:15: A Green Touch: Homeier Flora Air Cleaning Center Hood:
  • 21:10:24: 10 Everyday Items to Keep Your Tech Supplies Organized:
  • 21:49:52: Shitty day at work.
  • 21:50:33: Currently doing 12-13-hour workdays. It will end this Friday. Thank god for that shit.
  • 21:52:16: New Top Gear was a bit of a letdown. Didn’t like Jezzer’s take on the Yeti, thought that Hammond needs to stop talking about 911s.
  • 21:53:28: About to sign a new contract w another school. That was quick.
  • 21:55:46: Turns out that my stitches were self-absorbing or something like that. Wound from surgery is healed up. Now I can take full showers/baths
  • 21:56:36: I hate racism and double-standards, negative Taiwanese teaching directors.
  • 21:59:31: On my way to the hospital for a post-surgery consult, I heard a loud bang. I thought that something was up w the scooter Turns out it was OK
  • 21:59:54: The day started out nice, but ended in rain, which made me grumpy
  • 22:00:28: Didn’t bother w the Cape this week after last week’s fiasco. That show is so lame it’s scary.
  • 22:27:54: pointless reblogs.

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