Californication Monkey Business S04E04 (Showtime)

Californication title card, via Wikipedia

How long will it take Hank to mess things up with Karen? Not very long. Hank’s usual nice disposition doesn’t win him any favorites when he tries to talk his way out of a warning. He just gets arrested.

I enjoyed the whole first series. I enjoyed the second series as well. Even though some critics were against some of the more controversial scenes, I enjoyed them. It paints an interesting picture of the life of Hank Moody and his messed up life. Hank has been a real asshole in the past, but at the end of it all he’s a good man. If you thought that the second season was going to be any less controversial, think again. This time, it’s mouth rape. The third season starts smoothly enough.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Runkle attracts bad luck everywhere. This time around, he kills a monkey with dire consequences.

* * * * *

Charlie tells Hank that his script is good. He wants to take him to meet the people backing the movie. Some billionaire is involved.

Becca and her pals are practicing at Marcie’s.

It’s kind of like a walking day-mare.

Hank, Stu, and Charlie meet with Zig. He’s sitting between two hotties. They look like twins. He doesn’t like agents. The director and producer are here as well. Zig takes them home for a reading. He’s got a rhesus monkey. Things get out of hand when Zig has one of the blondes give him head in front of the others. Then, he goes to screw. He leaves the blondes. The monkey is funny.

Marcie is acting strangely. She thinks that she’s preggers. They get some snacks for the girls. The Queens of Dogtown aren’t that bad. Marcie is preggers.

Back off fucktoys!

The girls go off with Charlie and the director. The monkey stops Charlie from screwing. Charlie kind of kills it. They try to tell Zig, but it looks like he died from autoerotic asphyxiation. Some rent-a-cop comes by. They try to tell him what happened, but the blonde comes out and shouts that Runkle is a murdered. The rent-a-cop tasers Charlie. He tries to do the same to Hank, but he knocks him out. Hank’s lawyer arrives.

Karen meets Ben, one of the other parents of the Queens. Runkle and Hank come by and see this. Hank leaves.

* * * * *

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