The Vampire Diaries Katerina S02E09 (CW)

The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia
The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia

Fresh on the heels of the boring Twilight craze, and the well-deserved True Blood phase, CW is offering up its latest in teen dramas. Apparently, this show drew 5 million viewers its first night. That’s probably due to Twilight-hype. I can’t stand Twilight. It sucks ass. I couldn’t read the books, but read a review from Dan Bergstein on those Stephanie Meyer books. It was very entertaining. The movie kind of sucked as well.

This is the situation, as I’ve divined it using my psychic powers. The Fox network saw that Twilight was really working well. Wow, maybe vamps are cool again, said one exec. Another said, maybe not, remember Forever Knight. Then, everyone went bonkers for True Blood. The same exec said it confirmed his theory that vamps are back in, notably teen vamps, not crazy sex-addicted vamps. One exec mentioned Teen Wolf, the other slapped him on the back of the head.

So, we need to find a teen vampire series. Wait, my daughter used to read some vampire thingie called The Vampire Diaries in the 90s. Let’s pressure L. J. Smith to write some sequels as an added incentive. That will make it cool!

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The episode beings in Bulgaria in 1490. Katerina gives birth to a girl and she is taken away.

Stefan calls Elena. They meet up at the mansion with Rose. Klaus is one of the originals from the first generation of vampires. Elijah is a footsoldier. Klaus is one of the oldest.

Bonnie and Jeremy continue their flirtations. Some new guy named Luka arrives at school. He must be a vamp or something like that.

Elena and Caroline go to see Katherine. She wants to know about Klaus. She bribes her with blood. Katherine says that it goes back to England in 1492. She went there after she left Bulgaria. She was thrown out by her family. Her baby was given away. She met Klaus and tried to run away from him, but he came after her.

Elijah and Trevor were hunting Katerina. Trevor helped her escape. Klaus wanted and still wants to drain all of her blood to break the curse. The curse was bound by the sacrifice of the Petrova blood. The doppelganger was created as a way to undo the spell. Once the doppelganger reappeared, the curse can be broken.

Trevor sent Katerina to Rose. She shows Rose the moonstone. Rose plans on giving Katerina back. To heal Katerina, Rose gave her some of her blood. Trevor loves her. Katerina hung herself before they could do anything. She turned into a vampire. Klaus needed a human doppelganger to break the curse, not a vampire one. They need a werewolf, a vampire, and a witch for the spell. She was going to hand over Caroline and Bonnie.

Caroline tells Stefan that she told Ty about being a vampire. She distracts Stefan long enough.

Damon and Rose head to meet Slater, a low level guy on the totem pole. Slater has been studying since 1974 He’s got a number of degrees. Elijah is outside the café, getting ready to break the tempered glass to burn up some vampires. If the vampires break the curse, the vamps get to walk in daylight but the werewolves are stuck with the moon curse. Elijah throws some change at the windows to break them. Slater and Rose are writhing in pain.

Luka is hanging out with his dad at the Grill. He runs into Bonnie. They moved here from Louisiana. It looks like his father is trying to find out if Bonnie is a witch. Bonnie touches Luka to get a read on him. Luka tells Bonnie later that he is a warlock. Jeremy’s hopes are dashed when he sees her with Luka. He leaves.

Stefan arrives to see Elena. Katherine tells Elena that back in 1492, she went back to Bulgaria and found her whole family dead. She wants to trade the moonstone for something. No matter what happens with Klaus, Katherine will be safe in the tomb. No vampire can walk in without being trapped.

Rose and Damon hook up. Later, Rose gets a call from Slater. The curse can be destroyed by using the moonstone. He needs to use a witch. Elijah promoted Slater to do this. He compelled Slater. Then, he makes Slater kill himself. Dr. Marten is there, Luka’s father. The plan is in motion.

* * * * *

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