2011 Giant TCR Advanced 1, SRAM Force and Fulcrum Racing 0 2-Way Fit

Giant TCR Advanced 1

It came as a surprise when I checked up the specs on the Taiwanese Giant TCR Advanced 1; it comes with SRAM Force and Fulcrum Racing 0 2-Way Fit wheels, which is an unusual combo. I expected the bike to have Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels, but that isn’t the case.

At $4,100 USD, that makes this bike a great deal, especially since it comes with wheels that sell for $1,550 USD. The other bike from Giant that used to come with these wheels was the TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP from 2010, one of our best sellers. Send us an email to order your Giant TCR Advanced 1 at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “2011 Giant TCR Advanced 1, SRAM Force and Fulcrum Racing 0 2-Way Fit”

  1. Very interseting. My 2011 Aussie version, gets an Ultegra groupset, and Ultegra wheels…I purchased the bike less wheels and added my Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels and it looks pretty amazing, as the bike is predominantly black with red inrests, that go well with red bladed wheel set. Verdict, great comfortable and stiff bike..just over 7kg. (Also upgraded bars to 3T ergonova carbon, and seat to selle italia team seat).

    1. It is somewhat surprising. I run the Fulcrum Racing Zeros and I love them after having been on carbon fiber wheels for a while. There nothing like the stopping power of metal, especially in the dark.

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