Primeval S04E07 (ITV)

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Primeval is a British science fiction drama television program produced by Impossible Pictures for ITV. The first episode was broadcast on 10th February 2007, and was renewed for a second series by ITV, which started on 12th January 2008.

The series follows a team of scientists who investigate anomalies in time and deal with the creatures that travel through. The team of five is led by Professor Nick Cutter, a palaeontologist determined to find his wife, who disappeared while investigating an anomaly in the Forest of Dean eight years previously.

From the Wikipedia entry on Primeval.

As much as the premise sounds ridiculous, the series is actually quite good. Things really get interesting when the predator from the future arrives in our timeline and wreaks havoc. There is also the enigmatic Helen, Dr. Nick Cutter’s ex-wife, who travels between times. She’s trying to get to the future era, but spends most of her time in the Permian Era.

I actually like the second series a lot more than the new season of Torchwood, and that’s saying a lot. The actors are good in Primeval and they have good chemistry, something that is completely absent from Torchwood. To confound matters even further, Dr. Cutter changed something by traveling into the past. Claudia Brown is missing and no one knows of her. He might have just stepped into an alternate worldline. However, clues are shown that there might be other time traveling agents involved. This show is really getting good.

Most definitely, Primeval is way better that the current season of Torchwood. Primeval is better than the first season of Torchwood. There are better action scenes, the script is better and it’s just plain more entertaining. The team is interesting and although Connor, Cutter and Stephen’s love life is a part of the show, it’s part of the fun. Connor is just the über geek. Stephen is still sleeping with Helen, behind Cutter’s back. Cutter doesn’t know what to do about the Claudia Brown mystery.

I was pretty happy to learn that Primeval would be coming back in 2011. Cutter is still dead, as is Helen, and Danny is missing, but Abby an Connor make it back. Immediately, some of the characters hint toward some kind of conspiracy. It’s been a year since Connor and Abby have disappeared, and much has changed. The ARC facility is now under a PPP, and the new boss is interested in all things relating to the anomalies.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

During a tour in an abandoned prison, some dude gets killed by something that came out of an anomaly. He disappeared.

Emily is being kept under lock and key at the ARC. Lester tells Matt and Emily that all of the security services are looking for Ethan. Matt wants to look for him himself.

Connor shows Abby his new lab. He made a dating calculator for Philip, it’s something that will tell the team to which time the anomaly lead to. The anomalies are getting more frequent. Philip tells him that the lab is off-limits to the ARC team.

The team arrives at the prison and finds an anomaly. Connor uses the dating calculator and it says ~1870, but he’s wrong. The locking mechanism malfunctions as well. The anomaly is back open.

From Emily, Matt learns that Ethan has a way of tracking the anomalies using a windup radio.

Becker and Abby find another anomaly. They contain it. Terrorbirds have come through. The color of the anomaly is off as well. It’s more silvery than golden.

The new gear doesn’t look the anomaly. Matt thinks that the anomaly might have been interfered with. There is enough technology in this time to do this. The other anomaly is part of this larger one. A man comes through. It’s Danny.

Becker finds an unconscious guard, this means that Ethan is in the building. Connor has an idea. He creates a feedback loop to locate Ethan. They locate him. Ethan takes some pot shots at them. A terrorbird is out. Connor and Abby go after it while Becker and Matt go after Ethan. Ethan tells Matt that he didn’t do anything with the gateway. He wants to go through it.

Danny has got a big stick and he uses it to bash a terrorbird through the anomaly.

Danny runs into Ethan and his real name is Patrick. Patrick is Danny’s brother. He was just a boy when he went through the anomalies. Ethan is being questioned by Matt. Ethan says that Danny isn’t his brother anymore. He waited for 18 years for him to rescue him and he never came. Matt realizes that Ethan isn’t the one he was looking for. Matt is aware of some event that will happen with the anomalies.

Back at the prison, there are a dozen more subanomalies that open up.

Danny tells Philip that his name was written all over a document that Helen Cutter had. The questions were all about the anomalies. It’s obvious that Philip had some contact with her before she died.

Danny talks with Ethan. Ethan gets a gun and knocks Danny out. He doesn’t kill him though. Jess sees him within seconds. Ethan naturally finds Emily in her old gear. He takes her hostage again. WTF. I’m getting tired of this shit. Ethan shoots Becker a few times with the electro gun and runs off.

Connor makes an experiment and he’s able to separate the anomalies into two. Two anomalies opened at exactly the same spot. They act like magnets and try to repel each other, but they can’t. The satellite anomalies close. One of them leads to 1867 and the other one opens to the time of the terrorbirds. They go back to the ARC.

Ethan takes one of the trucks and heads back to the prison. He’s trying to open the closed gateways. He manages to do so. He goes through the gateway. He opened the door so that a terrorbird would feast on Emily. She’s cuffed to a wall. She uses Danny’s stick to knock it out. Danny goes after him. He tells Matt that Philip is tied to Helen. He says that he is not to be trusted. At the same time, Connor discovers something and runs off to find Philip. He tells him that soon it will be catastrophic. Tens of thousands of anomalies will open and won’t stop. Philip says that they need to keep this between them. They have a lot to discuss.

Matt opens the gateway to 1867 for Emily. Emily figures out that Matt came through a gateway from the future. He’s says that in the future, they live underground because the surface of the planet can’t sustain life anymore.

Everything is either dead or dying.

Matt says that a few others have been sent back through time to try and correct something. Someone is interfering with the anomalies. Emily goes through the anomaly.

* * * * *

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