White Collar Company Man S02E08 (USA)

White Collar promotional poster

White Collar promotional poster

The pilot episode of White Collar was most definitely slick and smart, as well as charming, as Matt Bormer will charm the pants off anyone he meets as his suave alter ego Neal Caffrey.

This show most definitely fits in the USA Network’s slew of shows, which include Burn Notice and Royal Pains. It has good pacing and interesting chemistry between Matt Bormer and Tim DeKay, something that isn’t easy to fake. They work well on the screen, there is no denying this.

Basically, Dekay’s Burke is a white collar specialist who put Bormer’s Caffrey away a few years ago. In order to reduce his sentence a bit further, after having escaped a super max jail, Caffrey offers to help Burke to catch the illusive Dutchman, a criminal that Burke has also been chasing for a few years. This setup kind of reminds me of Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can as well as The Sting with Redford and Newman.

What’s also interesting, is that the guys don’t just keep this professional. They also involve their personal lives. Burke needs help to make his hot wife Elizabeth, played by Tiffani Thiessen, happy while Caffrey is searching for his wife that just vanished. All in all, a great show with good actors. I recommend it.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Some tech firm’s guy Joseph Hayes was killed with digitalis. He was carrying a next-gen quantum processor. It was stolen. The suspect is Wesley Kent, the CEO of the company Hayes worked with. He had an appointment with him, and his statement contradicts the timeline. Burke wants to send someone undercover. However, it’s not going to be Neal. He doesn’t know shit about computers. Peter is going in as a corporate accountant. Peter wants Diana to work on the flight recorder with Moz. He tells Neal.

Peter has trouble fitting into the luxury life of being a corporate accountant. From imported coffee beans from Italy, to a hot assistant, to a luxury suite, life is pretty good.

Jones manages to get access to the Novice network thanks to Peter. Jones found out that someone, probably a junior exec, was trying to access Hayes’ email account.

Neal is going in as a new hire in marketing to suss out the junior execs. Neal goes out to dinner with them. He baits them and finds out who was trying to hack Hayes’ email account. He finds Jessica there. He finds out that she’s been sending a lot of mail to some PO Box in White Plains. She might be a corporate spy. She is looking into Kent.

Moz reports to Neal that Diana has the Mozart sonata that the music box plays. Neal finds that Jessica is following him. She pulls a gun on him. It turns out that she was seeing Hayes. Jessica suspects Kent. They want to get into Kent’s office. He’s been shredding stuff. They want to replace the shredder head with one that will scan the stuff before shredding it.

Hayes’ prototype never worked. That’s what Kent is trying to cover up. The trips that Kent has been taking were to sell the non-working prototype to foreign governments. By alluding that the prototype was stolen, it saves Novice from answering some serious questions. The processor was being built for a DOD bid, but it doesn’t work.

The plan is to set Kent on Jessica and catch him in the act.

Moz tells Neal that Peter knows that Diana has the box. Neal realizes that Jessica poisoned Kent. This means that she also poisoned Peter. Neal saves Peter and Kent.

Neal tells Peter that he knows that he has the music box. He wants to see it. Neal uses the cherub key and they open the box.

* * * * *

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