White Collar Countermeasures S02E13 (USA)

White Collar promotional poster

White Collar promotional poster

The pilot episode of White Collar was most definitely slick and smart, as well as charming, as Matt Bormer will charm the pants off anyone he meets as his suave alter ego Neal Caffrey.

This show most definitely fits in the USA Network’s slew of shows, which include Burn Notice and Royal Pains. It has good pacing and interesting chemistry between Matt Bormer and Tim DeKay, something that isn’t easy to fake. They work well on the screen, there is no denying this.

Basically, Dekay’s Burke is a white collar specialist who put Bormer’s Caffrey away a few years ago. In order to reduce his sentence a bit further, after having escaped a super max jail, Caffrey offers to help Burke to catch the illusive Dutchman, a criminal that Burke has also been chasing for a few years. This setup kind of reminds me of Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can as well as The Sting with Redford and Newman.

What’s also interesting, is that the guys don’t just keep this professional. They also involve their personal lives. Burke needs help to make his hot wife Elizabeth, played by Tiffani Thiessen, happy while Caffrey is searching for his wife that just vanished. All in all, a great show with good actors. I recommend it.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Moz finished work on something. He reports to Neal. June’s friend Ford meets Neal. He knew June’s husband Byron. He flicks Neal a coin. Neal takes the coin to Diana. He wants Diana to run the print.

Diana calls Peter with the results. It turns out that Jonas Ganz is a murder suspect. He’s been in and out of jail many times. Jonas Ganz isn’t Ford; it’s some young dude. Ford is Bradford Tolman, Ganz’s cellmate.

Diana runs down Ganz. She’s sitting on him. Neal goes through a suit that Ford wants. There is a note inside one of the pockets.

Ford comes to see him. Billy Dee Williams plays Ford. Lando Calrissian has looked better. Neal has Moz take a look.

Ganz is pulling together another crew. Neal wants Peter to scope out Ford at a dinner. Neal suggests that Liz comes along. Peter doesn’t want to, so he calls Liz.

Moz found out that Ford was a big fish. The note is a receipt for a desk. Neal knows the one. Byron had it modified. Peter buys Neal some time by distracting Ford. Neal finds some printing plates for the ’91 100-dollar bill. Neal himself is distracted by Ford. When Neal gets Peter, Ford had already taken the plates. They nab Ford when he goes to see Ganz. Byron stole the plate from Ford to protect him. He came back to protect her. Ford bartered the plate for protection in jail. He gave Ganz a list of what he needed to print the money. They take Ganz’s forger out so that Neal can take his place. They need to tape Ganz on a wire to charge him.

It’s like their speaking Criminese.

Ford makes a tactical mistake. It’s either genius or bullshit and it was either on purpose or a mistake. It works. Ganz buys it. Neal deduces that the crew is going for the paper.

You can either be a con or a man, you can’t be both.

Both Ford and Ganz drop their tails at the same time. Ganz comes to get Neal at June’s. Ganz wants Neal to ID the paper. The paper is in transit today. Burke wasn’t told of this.

Ford has plans. He prepared a briefcase filled with newspaper for Ganz. Neal starts printing the money. At some point, the cops arrive because Ford called them. When Ganz is distracted, Ford pulls a switcheroo. While Ford is distracted, Neal pulls another switcheroo. Ganz leaves with the fake money and Ford leaves with some newspaper.

Peter and the FBI arrive. They deduced the location from Moz and some photos. Ford gets away.

It makes Neal think about how he will end up.

* * * * *

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