Survivor Redemption Island You’re Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe S022E01 (CBS)

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The new season of Survivor just started. There are some interesting characters, including a beauty queen and WNBA player and a former NFL player. Most of the younger players aren’t saying much. I think they are too much in awe of Boston Rob or too scared of Russ. The episode was pretty good because the newbies have got no idea what they are up against. This was pretty evident when they had their first tribal. Even though the people who Rob targeted had an inkling what was going on, they didn’t expect Philip to flip flop and blow their whole plan to bits. They should have known, he’s a total git but it will be fun to watch.

The young newbies are one the quiet side. I didn’t see Grant utter a word. The same goes for the young newbies on the other tribe. It was a smart move by CBS to put Russ and Boston Rob back on Survivor. People want to see them and they are the best players of the game. I would count Parvati amongst those as well. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

* * * * *

Philip is a former federal agent. He runs his own software company. Matt is a born again Christian. Ralph is a redneck. It looks like the tribes have already been decided. Ometepe and Zapatera. Naturally, there are some dudes in suits. WTF. Mike is an Iraq vet. Boston Rob and Russ join as the tribe leaders. Stephanie, a waitress, thinks she’s better than Russ.

They are sizing us up like prey.
Francesca about Russ and Boston Rob

B Rob gets Ometepe and Russ gets Zapatera. Jeff says that evicted tribemates will go to Redemption Island. They will get supplies and live alone until another TM joins them. Then, they will face off. The surviving TM will get the chance to rejoin the game at a later date.

Francesca sounds like an airhead.

The tribes go to their camps. David in Zapatera is a lawyer and one of the guys in suits. They start building camp.

At Ometepe, they do the same thing.

Are you from Boston?
Matt to Boston Rob

Philip is already bossing people around. Francesca is also a lawyer. He bosses hottie Andrea around. She grew up on a farm and doesn’t really need his advice. Philip reveals that he’s a former fed. The girls laugh at him behind his back.

Kristina starts looking for an immunity idol. She’s an older law student. Rob sees her and calls her out. Philip thinks that he is creating a mini alliance with Kristina, but it’s not working out.

Russ and Stephanie go to check tree mail. Russ approaches her for an alliance. Mike sees what happened and he tells some of the others. He wants Russ gone.

Kristina doesn’t want Rob to stick around. The guys are in awe of Rob and the young girls like him. Kristina goes looking for an immunity idol with a shovel by herself. She actually finds one. She immediately hides it somewhere else. Kristina talks with Francesca and Philip. Philip is kind of a berating bully. They both tell him to shut it. Francesca and Kristina don’t like him one bit.

It’s time for an immunity challenge. Each tribe will push four blocks along some tracks to build the base of a temple. They will run up and chop some ropes, which will release some more steps. Then, they will race up and build the top of their temple by sliding around some more blocks. The winning tribe gets immunity and a flint to create fire.

Zapatera has a bit of a lead. It grows as they move on. Ometepe slows down. Zapetera is going up the steps and Ometepe has still to push another block. Zapatera is up the stairs. The top is like a puzzle. Ometepe finally gets there. Rob leads them. The lead is nonexistent. Boston Rob takes over but Zapatera wins immunity. I love the glances between Rob and Russ. Russ is all like, “Check what I have in my hands dude.” B Rob is like darn.

Oh crap, I’m stuck with a bunch of weenies.
Russ imagining what Rob is thinking at the moment

Ashely, a blonde nurse, thinks that they let Rob down. Ashley was a player in the WNBA, and took part in the Miss USA pageant. Kristina tells Francesca about her immunity idol. She hatches a plan to get Rob out. She wants the young girls to vote for her, and get bigmouth and Francesca as well as herself to vote for B Rob. Francesca says that even vote out Rob, they don’t have the numbers. Natalie is the weak link. Kristina reconsiders. She goes to ask the people who they are voting for. Originally, Rob wanted to vote for Francesca but now he’s changed his mind. He wants to vote off Kristina. He tells his alliance of young people that he thinks that the other side has an idol so they have to split the vote between Francesca, who he calls Francine, and Kristina.

Kristina tells Philip about her idol. It’s stupid. These people don’t understand that the power of the idol resides in keeping it secret from everyone else. It looks like she convinced Philip to vote for Rob. He’s happy because he thinks he’ll be the alpha dog.

It’s time for tribal. During tribal, Philip tells that Francesca and Kristina approached him to vote for Rob. Rob is laughing it up. He also tells them that they have an immunity idol. Rob keeps smirking. Everything is going according to plan. For some reason, Philip can’t say Francesca’s name properly. Rob makes Kristina show him the immunity idol. He tells her that she should give him the immunity idol if she wants to stay. Kristina says that she can’t do that. Rob says that he will do what he was supposed to do with the people he talked to.

Vote to Evict

Boston Rob                         Francesca
Andrea                                 Kristina
Kristina                                 Philip
Philip                                     Francesca
Natalie                                  Kristina
Grant                                    Francesca
Francesca                            Philip
Matt                                      Francesca
Ashley                                  Kristina

Kristina doesn’t play the idol. WTF! That’s stupid. Francesca is voted out by 3-4-2 (Kristina, Francesca, Philip). She goes to Redemption Island. Kristina gambled and won but she’s on the outs with the tribe.

Grant’s been pretty mute, but he’s a former NFL player.

* * * * *

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67 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island You’re Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe S022E01 (CBS)”

  1. Oh my gawd, I’ve never laughed so hard at a Survivor season premier episode. Later I went to the CBS site to read the comments and watch the video again, (couldn’t play any video on the site because of settings on my system) but the Forums made me laugh hard again! Someone’s topic was ‘What’s up with the underwear?’ and everyone was going on and on about Phillip’s red underwear. Oh my gawd, I laughed so hard just reading comments from so many people. I mean, I thought it was strange attire for Phillip when I watched the episode but it’s hilarious that so many people care so much about it. I love it.

    And don’t even get me thinking about that Tribal Council. I was rolling on the floor watching Phillip, trying to pronounce Francesca’s name and every single time stumbling more than the last. My jaw dropped with everyone else watching when he outed his alliance and then tattled about the Immunity Idol. Loved Rob’s expressions throughout. It was truly one of the most entertaining Tribal Council I’ve seen in years. And this is the first episode! I hope Phillip stays in the game a long time.

    One troubling thing, though. I want Russell to stay in the game as well, but that preview clip for next week shows a guy’s legs with pants cut to his knees walking over to Redemption Island. I had the feeling it might be Russell. I hope not.

  2. Yep my wife mentioned it as well. The pink undies from the former FBI agent. I have to say that I enjoyed the episode as well. I’m just waiting to see if the girls have anything to say, other than following Russ and Rob around.

    Philip is a disaster. He needs to stay in the show so that he can bumble around some more like an idiot.

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