The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business Head Down and Hold On S18E01 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

It’s time for a ‘best of’ series of the Amazing Race. This time, a lot of teams from the most recent Amazing Race editions are racing once again. I’m happy to see Margie/Luke racing again, with some of the other players. I don’t know how this will turn out, but it looks like it’s going to be interesting. Compared to Survivor, it’s much less a social game and more about getting through the tasks. Some of the teams didn’t finish deciphering the compass clue and it bit them in the ass later on. For some reason, Zev and Justin are wearing Harlem Globetrotters t-shirts; it’s really stupid, IMHO, because they are racing against Flight Time and Big Easy. Whatever.

The Cowboys, Jet and Cord, are back. Margie/Luke are also there. Amanda/Kris are now recently engaged. The Harlem Globetrotters are also back. Mel/Mike are there. Kent/Vixen, the dating goths, are back. Gary/Mallory are back. They are wearing matching red Arc’Teryx Alpha SV jackets. Kisha/Jen are back. Zev/Justin are brothers. Ron/Christina are back. Jaime/Cara, the cheerleaders, are back.

The teams are starting out from Palm Springs. The team that finishes first in this leg will win the express pass. It will allow them to skip a task. To get their first clue, they need to find something in the desert and give it to Phil. The last team will get an automatic U-Turn. The first 8 teams will be on the 1st flight. The others will go on the 2nd flight, which leaves 90 minutes later. The clue is the full meaning of QANTAS. Christina realizes that it’s QANTAS after they give Phil the wrong one. Mel/Mike are 1st. Zev/Justin and Jet/Cord are also on the 1st flight. Kent/Vixen, Ron/Christina, the Globetrotters, Margie/Luke, and Jaime/Cara are on the 1st flight. Kisha/Jen are on the 2nd flight. Gary/Mallory are also on the 2nd flight. Amanda/Kris finish last and are U-turned.

The teams are heading to Sydney, Australia from LAX. On the 1st flight, there is a medical emergency. They will have to land in Honolulu. The 90-minute lead is gone.

The teams need to make their way via train to Sydney Harbour. Then, they must make their way to Oceanworld. Gary/Mallory heard from the stewardess that the other flight was delayed. They tell the other teams. Well, the other plane landed 27 minutes after the 1st one, so it’s not that much of a lead.

Ron/Christina, Jet/Cord, and Mel/Mike miss the train and are racing for last. Gary/Mallory are 1st. Teams will face off against sharks. One team member must search for a compass in the tank filled with sharks and stingrays. Then, they must decipher a sentence written out in nautical flags. The clue tells them to go to the Manly Sailing Club, find the Commodore, and tell him the secret catchphrase. Mallory does it. Kisha does the task. Amanda does the task as well.

The other teams arrive at Oceanworld. Mallory gets the compass first. Mallory’s eyes are lice saucers when she sees the sharks. Amanda finds the compass. Jet/Cord miss the ferry. Jet/Cord are dead last.

Surprisingly, Mallory is making good progress with the compass. Justin, Vyksin, a Globetrotter, and Margie get into the water.

Kisha finds a compass.

She looked like a pink little mermaid.

Christina and Mel get into the water. Gary/Mallory are still in 1st. Kisha is starting to decipher the message. Justin finds a compass as does Margie. Flight Time gets one too. Cara gets hers. Jet/Cord arrive. Jet gets into the water.

Gary/Mallory get their clue and must help sail a 16ft skiff across the waters of Manly Bay. They must locate a buoy for their next clue.

Amanda and Kisha work together. Cara and Margie work together as well. That’s cute. Kisha/Jen and Amanda/Kris get their skiff. Gary gets their clue. He was hanging from a wire. Kris gets the clue. Jen gets the clue.

Christina and Mel find the compass as does Cord. Vyksin finally gets hers too.

Gary/Mallory make their way to Shelly Beach, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Amanda/Kris and Kisha/Jen are close behind. Vyksin has trouble finding the exit of the tank and she’s hyperventilating. She works through it and gets out. The goths are cute together.

Gary/Mallory finish 1st. They win the Express Pass. Amanda/Kris finish 2nd. Phil tells them that they are still racing. He hands the team the next clue.

Margie/Luke don’t get the catchphrase right neither do Jaime/Cara. Zev/Justin give the catchphrase to the Globetrotters. They hadn’t figured out the clue. Margie/Luke go back to the clue as do Jaime/Cara. They ask Zev/Justin for the clue, but they don’t give it to them. Zev/Justin get the clue as do the basketball players. Ron/Christina head to the sailing club. Mel/Mike and Ron/Christina tell Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara that if they show them where the Commodore is, they will let them hear the clue. They do so. Jet/Cord haven’t decoded the compass. Margie/Luke help Kent/Vyksin with the clue. Jaime/Cara’s boat flips. One of them is stuck. They stay calm and the boat is righted again. Jaime gets the clue. Ron gets it for their team. Margie gets it. Mike gets it.

Zev/Justin are 4th, the Globetrotters are 5th, Jaime/Cara are 6th, Margie/Luke are 7th, Ron/Christina are 8th, Mel/Mike are 9th. Kent gets the clue. Jet/Cord are still working on the clue.

They try it a 2nd time and miss it. Kent/Vyxin are 10th and still racing.

-I’ve got some bad news.
-What did we do wrong?
-You guys are still racing.
Phil to Vyxin

* * * * *

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