The Amazing Race Unfinished Business I Never Looked So Foolish in My Whole Entire Life S18E02 (CBS)

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It’s time for a ‘best of’ series of the Amazing Race. This time, a lot of teams from the most recent Amazing Race editions are racing once again. I’m happy to see Margie/Luke racing again, with some of the other players. I don’t really like Ron. He’s somewhat of an ass to his daughter Christina and he tried to do the same to Mallory, but she just let him eat her dust. Amanda/Kris didn’t manage to catch up, but they were close. It looks like next week, the cheerleaders will hit some dude in Japan.

The Cowboys are still trying to decipher the secret message. Everyone else is long gone. Teams must make their way back to Sydney. They must find a large anchor to get on a charter flight to Broken Hill. The Globetrotters, Jaime/Cara, and Margie/Luke hop on the ferry to Sydney. The first three teams took taxis.

Once again, Ron and Christina are at it. Jet/Cord get the password. They still have to sail on a skiff. Gary/Mallory, Amanda/Kris, and Kisha/Jen arrive in Sydney. Kisha/Jen haven’t figured out the clue. Zev/Justin arrive at the same museum where Kisha/Jen are. They work together, use Google, and then head to the right place.

Mel/Mike has trouble with how hard the race is. On the ferry, Mel looks really bad.

The Cowboys fall off a couple of times. Margie/Luke found a woman with a computer on the ferry. They used Google and know where to go. The first teams who arrive are Kisha/Jen and Zev/Justin. All of the other teams are on the ferry. Some of the teams ask around and know where the big anchor is. It’s in front of town hall. Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke are the next teams on the 1st flight. Gary/Mallory, Ron/Christina, and Amanda/Kris run into each other. Mel/Mike arrive and make it on the 1st flight. The Goths are also on the first flight. The basketball players are the 1st ones on the 2nd flight. Ron/Christina, Amanda/Kris, and Gary/Mallory are also on this flight. The last team, the Cowboys, are still not there.

The Cowboys ask around and can’t figure out the clue. The other teams are at the airport. Finally, a cabbie tells them where to go. They sign in. They go to the airport.

The next morning, the 1st flight boards. 30 minutes later, the other teams board.

The teams find marked cars and clues. The teams must drive themselves to the Living Desert to find their next clue. Mel feels much better. Zev/Justin are the 1st ones in the Living Desert followed by Kisha/Jen. Mel/Mike are following them. The other teams are getting directions at a gas station.

The second flight lands. The Cowboys are on board. It was an equalizer. the teams face a detour. They face Spirit World or Natural World. In Spirit World, they must create a mosaic using stones, and then perform a dance. In Natural World, they must create an aboriginal marker.

-Zev is very artistic.
-And autistic.
Justin and Zev

All three first teams do the Spirit World task. The following three teams do the same. I don’t know, the painting looked easier. All of the teams do the mosaic. The Goths are the first ones to complete the mosaic.

Vyxsin, help me. I need you to go get me some children. Vyxsin, children. Get me some children.

Zev/Just and Margie/Luke finish the mosaic. Zev/Justin are the 1st ones to finish the Detour. They must head to a football stadium back in Broken Hill. Margie/Luke are close behind. Mel/Mike are 3rd. Kent/Vyxsin are 4th. Kisha/Jen are 5th. The Goths have trouble with the dancing part. Jaime/Cara are 6th. The Cowboys are 7th. Gary/Mallory are 8th. The Globetrotters are 9th. Amanda/Kris finish and head to do the other task. Ron/Christina are still doing the mosaic. Amanda has trouble spraying the paint. Ron/Christina leave in 10th place. Amanda/Kris are in 11th place. The 2nd task was a lot shorter than doing the mosaic.

Zev/Justin are 1st at the football stadium. Teams must dress up as kangaroos and must figure out where they must go after they are handed a periodic table. Two elements are highlighted, Mercury and Bismuth. Teams must figure out that these are actually street names and the only element street names that cross each other.

I don’t know. The sign for Mercury on the periodic table is Hg, which won’t be easy to figure out for non-scientific teams. Margie/Luke are 2nd. Kent/Vyxsin arrive. Margie immediately falls down. Mel/Mike are 4th. Zev/Justin hook up with Margie/Luke. Jaime/Cara are 5th. Jet/Cord are 6th. The Globetrotters are 7th. Margie/Luke and Zev/Justin have the smart idea of asking a woman with a smartphone to Google Hg and Bi. She tells them the names of the elements. Then, she also tells them that they are street names. Gary/Mallory are 9th. Kent knows that Hg is Mercury and Bi is Bismuth. They hook up with the Cheerleaders.

Ron/Christina are 10th and Amanda/Kris are last but they are close together. Margie loses a foot thing and has to go back for it. Zev/Justin arrive 1st. They must now drive themselves to the next pit stop. They must go to Junction Mine. Margie/Luke find their missing foot cover.

Zev/Justin finish 1st and they win a trip for two to Cancun.

The basketball players are 2nd and leave for the pit stop. Kisha/Jen are 3rd. Margie/Luke are 4th. The other teams are all in a bunch. The cowboys pass three teams who take off parts of their clothes.

The basketball players finish 2nd. It’s a scramble for the last team. Gary/Mallory hook up with Ron/Christina, but Mallory follows where the other teams went. Ron/Christina say that they don’t follow the crowd.

The cowboys finish 3rd. Kisha/Jen finish 4th. Amanda/Kris figure out the clue. Gary/Mallory and Ron/Christina drive to the pit stop. Amanda/Kris are very close behind. Ron doesn’t like Mallory.

Margie/Luke are 5th. Mel/Mike are 6th. Kent/Vyxsin are 7th. Jaime/Cara are 8th. Gary/Mallory are 9th. That’s showing Ron/Christina, who decided not to follow them and now are lost.

Ron/Christina finish 10th. Amanda/Kris are eliminated.

* * * * *

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