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Well, the previews from last week overplayed the effect that Matt’s eviction had on Andrea. The woman scorned didn’t do anything. Maybe she will do something the next time they go to tribal, but she can’t really because she’s in an alliance of one. She’d need to team up with a lot of people in order to do something. It was predictable that Russ would bite the bullet this week. He was playing his usual game, but everyone knew what he was doing, so it wasn’t going to work out.

On his tribe, there was a 6-3 split and that’s a lot of numbers to make up, even for Russ. On top of that, he didn’t have the idol. If he had the idol, he would have survived. I didn’t like how Zapatera threw the challenge. It was obvious to everyone involved and hopefully, it will bite them on the ass in a few episodes.

* * * * *

Matt arrives on Redemption Island. He meets Francesca. Matt got blind-sided. He didn’t bring any of his stuff.

At Ometepe, Boston Rob is very happy. He congratulates Grant on how well this went along. Then he talks with Philip. Boston Rob is weary of Andrew, because she knows that they double-crossed her.

The next day on Redemption Island, Matt and Fran will have a duel. Two tribe members from Zapatera are going to the duel. Steve and David are going. At Ometepe, Andrea and Ashley go. Boston Rob is worried that Andrea will talk with Matt.

At the arena, Andrea says that she didn’t vote for either of them. For the duel, they will make a pole to retrieve some keys to open some locks. The first one through wins. Fran has got her 1st key. Matt’s stick falls apart. Fran gets her 2nd key. Matt’s stick falls apart again. Fran’s stick breaks. Matt gets his 1st key. Matt gets his 2nd. That was a quick recovery. Fran has the last key but it drops back onto the peg. Matt has his last key. He’s opening the locks. Matt wins the duel. Fran is going home.

At Ometepe, the girls come back. They say that Matt is pissed. He wants to come back to get his revenge. B Rob talks with Andrea. He tells her that Philip and Kristina will be going before her. Andrea doesn’t believe him. She needs to mix it up. She’s pissed about what they did to her.

At Zapatera, Steve tells Russ that Fran won the duel. A few moments later, he tells the tribe that Matt won and Fran went home. Russ and his girls are still trying to find the idol. They don’t know that Ralph found it. Stephanie says that they need a fake immunity idol. Stephanie is pretending that she has the idol in her bag. Immediately, Steve notices that Stephanie is acting clingy with her bag.

Russ has got some a puss filled rash in his armpits.

He’s like a black hole, sucking in energy and light and everything.

Ralph, Steve, and Mike talk about getting rid of Russ. Now is the time to do so. He talks about throwing the next challenge. David says so as well. Julie doesn’t want to. She likes to win. They work out a system. One thumb up means that they are throwing the challenge. I think that it’s stupid to do so. You should never throw a challenge.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Three members of each tribe will be strapped to a large wheel. Three other members will spin the wheel. As the wheel turns, they will grab mouthfuls of water to spit into a tube. Once the tube is full, they have to complete a ball puzzle. They are also playing for reward. Chairs, tarp, lanterns, pillows and more are up for grabs. David gives the signal to throw the challenge. Ralph and Sarita sit the challenge out. Julie is told about the decision to throw the challenge. She isn’t happy about it. On the wheel, Julie keeps missing the water. Steve is pretending that he’s tired. Ometepe releases the ball first. Rob is working on the puzzle. Zapatera finally gets their tube full. Rob completes his puzzle and puts the ball into the channel. Ometepe wins reward. It was obvious that David was throwing the challenge. Russ immediately says that they threw the challenge. Zapatera was pretty stupid.

Boston Rob isn’t happy that they won because everyone is looking for the next immunity idol. Rob starts looking for the clue to the idol. He didn’t find it. Philip was sitting on the clue. It was sewn into the fabric of the chair. Rob gets the clue. It’s very vague. He’s happy that he found it because he didn’t want anyone else to get it. He wants the idol for himself. Now that’s how you use the idol and the clues.

Back at Zapatera, Ralph says that they threw the challenge to get rid of Russ. Mike says that the plan is to give three votes for Russ and three votes for Stephanie. Russ tells Krista that it was stupid of them to throw the challenge. Russ has already figured it out that the votes will be spread on their alliance. All that they need is to have one of them to vote differently. Russ tells Stephanie to talk to Julie. They want to make her the fourth person in their alliance. Julie likes what she is hearing. Russ talks to her to ensure that she votes their way. I’m not sure. It could go either way.

It’s time for tribal. I hope Russ will mention the fact that his tribe threw the challenge. Ralph tells Jeff that there is a division in their tribe. Russ says that they threw the challenge. Mike says that they didn’t go 100%. Mike says that they have some fat to trim off. Stephanie tells the tribe that having the numbers going into the merge is the way that they will win. Stephanie makes an excellent place. Steve lies about throwing the challenge. David says that Rob beat him. Sarita says that Russ is like a sickness. He doesn’t do anything. Stephanie says that Russ does plenty. Ralph says that Stephanie doesn’t do anything but eat.

Votes to Evict

Ralph                     Russ
Sarita                     Steph
Mike                      Russ
Krista                     Ralph
David                     Steph
Russ                       Ralph
Steph                    Ralph
Julie                       Steph
Steve                    Russ

It could go either way, I wonder who will go. There is a three-way tie with a 3-3-3 (Russ, Ralph, Steph) vote. They will vote again. Russ, Ralph, and Steph cannot vote. Russ is going home.

Votes to Evict (2)

Julie                       Russ
Krista                     Ralph
David                     Steph
Mike                      Russ
Sarita                     Russ
Steve                    Russ

This means that for the 1st vote, Julie voted with her original alliance. Russ is evicted by a 5-1-0 vote (Russ, Ralph, Steph). That’s all she wrote. Russ says that he will be back. They should be ready. Russ still thinks that Fran is on Redemption Island.

* * * * *

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65 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Keep Hope Alive S22E03 (CBS)”

  1. I like the way you are recapping your thoughts at the top of each post. It’s fun to read. I thought I’d be sad about Russell leaving the game but he was so predictable I really don’t care at this point. I, also, really don’t care for Ralph. I hope he gets voted out soon.

    I love watching the mix of Rob and Phillip and the rest of his tribe. Isn’t it great that the government guy has the clue halfway up his a** and still doesn’t notice it? Love it.

    I’m interested to see how Russell fares at Redemption Island. On to next week…!

    1. I thought it would be fun putting my thoughts in there as well. Yep, Russ was playing the same game but with people who knew exactly what he was doing. It was obvious that he was going to leave. Philip is an idiot.

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