The Amazing Race Unfinished Business We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently S18E03 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

It was time to trim off some fat. Mel/Mike have been having trouble since the beginning of the race and now they face some unsurmountable tasks. They almost freeze to death in a mud pit and have to recuperate in an ambulance afterward. Jaime/Cara’s bitchiness and pushiness gets them a whole lot of problems. They get really lost and arrive last at the Roadblock. It looks like next week, Ron is going to have a meltdown.

Teams leave from Broken Hill, in the Australian Outback, to Sydney. They will go to Tokyo, Japan. They must make their way to a parking garage, to find their next clue. Kisha/Jen miss the first train out. Margie/Luke go to a travel agent. Mel/Mike do the same. The goths check out Travelocity. The cheerleaders go to some travel agent. Gary/Mallory leave for the airport. Christina checks out the flights on a computer. She got engaged to Azario, a dude she met on the Amazing Race 12.

Mel/Mike find a flight that arrives 15 minutes earlier than the QANTAS flight, but there is a connection through Hong Kong. Zev/Justin and the basketball players find the same flight but they also think that the connection will be a problem. The cowboys go on QANTAS. Kisha/Jen are on the same flight. Ron/Christina book the same flight. Gary/Mallory are also on this one. The goths book the earlier flight. So do the cheerleaders. Now, the basketball players and Zev/Justin are thinking about the earlier flight. Margie/Luke and Mel/Mike take the earlier flight. The basketball players give the seats to Zev/Justin, who take them. Margie/Luke and Mel/Mike don’t tell Gary/Mallory about the earlier flight.

There is a delay for the teams on the earlier flight. The other teams on the other flight rejoice. The QANTAS flight lands first at 6:15AM. Teams must drive themselves to Kamukura. They must find a dojo for their next clue. Their cars are micro minis. It’s funny watching the big basketball players trying to fit inside.

Too small. We big.
Big Easy

Big Easy looks like Fred Flinstone.

Ron is driving extremely slow and grouchy. He drives like a grandma. The other teams land at 7:20AM. The cheerleaders are pushy. Ron/Christina arrive 1st. They face a Roadblock. They must dress as samurai. They must shoot a bow and arrow from the top of a wooden horse. Christina makes Ron do it. he complains throughout.

Gary/Mallory, Kisha/Jen, and the basketball players arrive next. Holy crow, Mallory is pretty funny. Gary does this one. Flight Time does this one. Jen does it. They also have to perform a ritual. The cowboys are lost.

Tokyo is the Times Square of Japan.

Zev/Justin pass Jaime/Cara, Margie/Luke and Mel/Mike who ponder the directions. Gary is in the lead now. Zev arrives. Justin does it. They caught up.

Mel/Mike and Margie/Luke ditch the others. Jen completes the Roadblock first. They must drive themselves to a train station and find the Kintaro Statue for their next clue. Justin finishes it next. Gary is next. They leave to find the train station. Kent/Vyxsin, Margie/Luke, and Mel/Mike arrive. Kent, Luke, and Mike do the Roadblock. Flight Time completes the task. The cowboys arrive. Ron completes the task, but his yell was pretty strange.

Jaime/Cara hit some guy’s mirror. The dude calls the police. It took a lot of time but it was fine. The previews made it look a lot worse. Kisha/Jen ask for directions at a funeral home. Mallory spots the statues from afar. She tells Zev/Justin. Teams face a Detour. They face Prayer of Purity or Frog of Luck. In Purity, the teams take part in a Shinto cleansing ritual. They must learn a ritual and then stand under a waterfall. It looks hard. In Luck, they must strip to their drawers and don appropriate garb while looking for a small frog statue in a field of mud. People will be flinging mud at them throughout. The Shinto ritual looks easier. There’s no telling how long it will take to find the frog. However, there is a good portion of luck involved when finding a frog in a pit of mud. Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory do Frog of Luck. Ron/Christina do the Prayer of Purity. Kisha/Jen do Luck. The cheerleaders arrive. The cowboys leave, as does Kent and Mike. Jaime/Cara are one of the last teams.

This is Miss America all over again only I’m 50 lbs heavier.

Ron/Christina and the basketball players arrive at the shrine. Margie/Luke and the cowboys find the clue. The cowboys do the frog task. Jaime/Cara have trouble firing the arrow. Justin finds the frog. They must drive themselves to Comodore Perry’s Landing monument in Kurihama. Gary/Mallory leave as well. Zev/Justin leave after hosing themselves off. Kisha/Jen arrive. Kent/Vyxsin and Mel/Mike do Frog of Luck. Jaime finally completes the task.

The basketball players get the clue first but take Ron/Christina’s fanny pack. They leave it in the men’s changing room. Ron/Christina try to leave and notice the loss of the fanny pack and freak out. Kisha finds the frog. They leave. Ron finds the fanny pack.

Margie/Luke and the cowboys arrive at the mud pit. Jet/Cord dive in. They get it immediately. Jaime/Cara do Frog of Luck.

Zev/Justin finish first again. They win a trip to Costa Rica.

-We’re in it to win it this time.
-Because we’re a time, replies Justin putting his hand around Zev.
-Don’t touch me.

Vyxsin and Kent find their frog and they give the master of ceremony a muddy hug. Mike wants to give up, but Mel is continuing the task. Mike makes Mel stop. They get into the ambulance to warm up.

Somehow my makeup still held up.

Gary/Mallory finish 2nd. The basketball players finish 3rd. Margie/Luke find the frog and leave. Ron/Christina finish 4th. Christina is tearing up. She tells about what happened with the basketball players. Phil gives them a 30 minute penalty. This means that Ron/Christina finished 3rd and the basketball players finished 5th. Kisha/Jen finish 4th. Jet/Cord finish 6th. Kent/Vyxsin finish 7th.

Jaime/Cara arrive in the mud pit. The men enjoy looking at them, even in the dark. The master of ceremony has got a big smile.

Margie/Luke finish 8th. Jaime/Cara find the frog. They are in 9th place. They were convinced that they were eliminated.

Shut the front door!
Cara to Phil

Mel/Mike finish last and they are eliminated.

* * * * *

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