My Daily Tweets 03-10-2011

  • 00:16:53: An unknown unknown that must be forever unknown. An unknowable unknown.@errolmorris
  • 00:21:35: A stupid person is a person who treats a smart person as though he is stupid. @errolmorris
  • 11:29:52: Is Best Buy’s Appliance Installation Service a Good Deal?
  • 11:50:38: Field Scabious by Maximilian Höll | Ben Trovato via @bentrovatoblog
  • 11:51:58: RT @voyonsvoir Daria Plyushko pour Mirage janvier 2009 #daria #plyushko #mirage #nsfw
  • 11:53:16: DIY Mason Jar Chandeliers: Easy Combo & Great Results
  • 12:31:41: Talk about a shitty day. Non-stop rain, problems all around, and a class w a professor who doesn’t like me.
  • 23:51:47: was having a bit of a pity party for myself this morning. Shit just hasn’t been going my way in 2011.
  • 23:52:21: In Jan, I had a surgery. In Feb, I had a major accident. Over the holidays, I sprained my ankle. FML
  • 23:52:49: I have a class w a prof who doesn’t like me. However, I think that today she managed to accept that I was in the class for good
  • 23:53:26: The class was uncomfortable until she cleared the air at the end of the class. I was dreading presenting next week for 3hrs
  • 23:54:00: It won’t be that bad. We have exercises to present as well. That means my pres will only last 2 hrs. However, it’s a lot of work
  • 23:54:34: It’s time to get cracking and get this shit online. Hopefully, my transactional website will be launched this month.
  • 23:54:44: Once that’s done, I will be doing well for 2011.
  • 23:55:36: Quick reminder, we got full product lines from TIME, Colnago, Giant, Scott, BMC, and other brand names
  • 23:55:58: Great prices on components as well. send me an email to find out more djrange at
  • 23:57:06: Silence of the Celebs Chrome Add-on Says Bye, Bye, Charlie… Farewell, Lindsay!
  • 23:58:53: MapleXO & Grove iPhone Case: Created From Crashed Skateboards

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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