Survivor Redemption Island Don’t You Work For Me S22E04 (CBS)

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This was somewhat surprising, but not unexpected: Russell got outed during the duel thanks to Matt and his prayers. I’m unsure that Russ’ reaction to getting the boot was genuine, because in a flash, it turned to anger. Before he left, he told the two witnesses from Ometepe what was really going on at Zapatera. Basically, Ralph told everyone that he had the idol, and now Ometepe knows.

I have trouble figuring out where they can find idiots like Philip. He’s one of a kind and he’s a total git. You don’t get much stupider than him. It’s the fact that he’s created this myth and that he firmly believes that he is awesome. I hate to break it to him, but he’s an imbecile.

* * * * *

Russ meets up with Matt at Redemption Island. Russ was surprised that Fran wasn’t there. His whole tribe lied to him.

At Ometepe, Philip is sweeping the camp. Everyone was trying to sleep. His pink briefs are looking bad. Everyone sees his junk and the girls actually retch.

At Zapatera, Krista and Stephanie are bummed that Russ is gone. Russ tells his alliance that he found the immunity idol.

Philip and Kristina want to go to Redemption Island. Sarita and Ralph go for Zapatera.

I’m fighting to honour my God.

For today’s duel, they will stack blocks on a multilevel platform while avoiding tripwires which can cause the blocks to tip over. Matt has a slight lead. He tries it out. He falls short. He has to start over. Russ gives it a go and also falls short. Matt is ready to go again. Matt wins and Russ is out. Russ has little cry. Ralph talks up and pretends that he has the idol. He doesn’t when Sarita tells him not to. Before leaving, Russ gives Philip and Kristina some info on his tribe. Philip thinks that Ralph has an idol.

While Phil and Kristina are away, Boston Rob comes up with a plan to get everyone out of camp. He plays a game and then pretends that he’s got stomach problem. While they are at the beach, Rob runs back to camp to find the idol. He actually finds it. That was pretty impressive. He found it pretty quickly, in about 20 minutes.

Ralph and Sarita tell their tribe what happened. Everyone is happy except Stephanie and Krista.

Philip tells Kristina that they need to leverage what they found out at the duel. Kristina plans on sitting back and letting him dig his own grave. Phil tells the tribe a bunch of crock. Then he tells Grant and Rob what happened. He wants to save Kristina. Rob doesn’t like to hear this. Phil is being an idiot. Grant and Rob don’t trust Phil. He has dug his own grave. They want to get rid of him.

It’s time for the challenge, which involves building something. They will use a shovel to find an axe. They will chop some wood to release a saw. They will saw through a wall to create planks. The planks will create a ramp. There is a BBQ set up for grabs, which includes food. Krista sits this one out. Zapatera has a slight lead. Grant is really fast. Mike and Steve work together. Grant and Phil are behind. On the platform, they need to work on a knot. Ralph uses the hammer and Zapatera wins reward and immunity.

I haven’t thought about sex in two weeks.

Back at camp, Zapatera has a feast. At Ometepe, Philip makes another stupid speech. Ashley can’t stand him. She can’t even look at him. Kristina senses the move and she tells the girls that she dislikes Philip’s yammering. Kristina makes some cryptic comments. It puts a target on her back. BRob thinks that Kristina is the bigger threat. He wants Kristina to go home. Grant and Ashley want him gone. BRob wants to split the vote between Philip and Kristina. Rob tells Philip to vote for Kristina.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff asks Kristina if she’s worried. They talk about second chances. Kristina says that Phil is disruptive. Phil digs his own grave again. Where do they find these losers? Philip is a nut job.

Votes to Evict

Natalie                  Kristina
Andrea                 Kristina
Phil                         Kristina
Rob                        Philip
Grant                    Philip
Ashley                  Kristina
Kristina                 Phil

Kristina is evicted by a 4-3 vote. That was predictable. The tribe will just have to suffer through another three days with Philip.

* * * * *

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66 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Don’t You Work For Me S22E04 (CBS)”

  1. Well, I have a different take on a couple of things. I think Russell’s tears were genuine, but they weren’t flowing because he lost. It was frustration. He was there to play the game and when he had no control over the voting he felt helpless. He was out of there before his socks got dirty. But I don’t really care that he’s gone. He was fun to watch but he sure didn’t bring any new tricks this time around.

    And I was actually impressed with Phil at the duel. Ralph claimed he was just playing with Russell about having the idol, and it seems Russell believed him, but Phillip said Ralph DID have it because he could read him. He knew from observing Ralph that he lied about not having the idol. Phillip didn’t even say that he thought Ralph was lying, but said he KNEW Ralph was lying. I found that interesting.

    At least Boston Rob is being smart about his idol and not blabbing to everyone about it. I hope he makes it far in the game. I forget how likeable he can be.

    I still can’t stand that Ralph. I hope he goes home early.

  2. It’s true that Phil read Ralph easily enough. Being a former FBI agent will help in those matters and Phil was able to tell the truth. It was a stupid move by Ralph to even talk about this. I think it’s because Ralph is also an idiot.

    Boston Rob has been one of my faves as well, during all of the times that he’s played. He plays the game well. He never had an idol before and when he played, there weren’t any idols around. It will be interesting to see how he plays it.

    The power of the idol resides in the fact that you have it when no one else knows about it. Telling anyone is a bonehead maneuver, unless it’s part of some big strategic move.

  3. Yep. I agree the best strategy is to keep quiet when holding the idol.

    I just saw a promo for this week. Who knows how it will play out, but the promo hints that Phillip is going to try to take Boston Rob down by making a big move. hmmmm…. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

    1. I don’t know about that, but everybody thinks that Philip is a doofus. If he can use this to his advantage, then he might have a chance. If he continues to blunder about, he doesn’t have any future in the game.

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