My Daily Tweets 03-15-2011

  • 11:16:31: NSFW Peter Coulson « Whitezine | inspire Create and Share via @whitezine
  • 11:26:03: Intrinsic Complexity: Modern Hacked Lighting
  • 11:54:01: Japan – Vast Devastation – The Big Picture –
  • 17:29:09: The Amazing Race This is the Most Stupid Day Ever S18E04 (CBS)
  • 19:06:42: One clusterfuck cleared up, a few more to go.
  • 19:08:20: @deronbauman yep I don’t know why my wife eats it every morning.
  • 19:08:56: RT @jeansnow: Latest update from the International Atomic Energy Agency is positive: via @cheapyd
  • 19:09:38: RT @Tortue: Uniqlo Donates $25.6 Million to Japan – #fb
  • 19:12:54: RT @TWlTTERWHALE: 80% of children under age 5 use the internet. The other 20% have parents that won’t get off the computer.
  • 19:13:16: RT @thomashawk: Flickr Chief @mroth leaving Flickr. @alexia, @arrington
  • 19:14:14: RT @neal_simpson: Happy PI Day! Gotta love #3.1415926535897932384626433832795
  • 19:16:07: RT @kottke: All about nuclear meltdowns
  • 19:17:07: @jackge The one in the 80s was nice, but didn’t add much to the story. Last week’s episode, Os, was pretty good. I knew there was a reason
  • 19:17:44: @jackge There was a reason why Walter kept going on about Soul Magnets. He’s been doing this for a few eps.
  • 19:18:08: @jknits No shit. It hasn’t been pretty here either.
  • 19:18:44: @purplelime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ <- I like that
  • 19:21:12: RT @voyonsvoir Louise Herold par Lars H pour S Magazine #lars #h #louise #herold #nsfw #s #magazine
  • 19:33:11: Those runagates gave me the creeps –
  • 20:13:52: Bender Toque: Facing Winter With Robots
  • 20:25:46: EPOC Neuroheadset Uses Your Emotions to Browse Flickr
  • 21:34:55: Michaela Bodenmiller by David Bellemere for Elle Russia March 2011 | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 21:35:52: Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans for H&M Magazine Spring 2011 | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 21:37:05: Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan for Self Service Magazine | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 21:40:22: RT @BBCWorld: Accident at #Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant upgraded to level six crisis, on scale of seven, say French officials …
  • 21:42:19: Looks like things aren’t going well at the Fukushima reactor.
  • 21:42:48: The wife is packing last minute as usual to go to Seattle. She is such a late packer. She denies it and she overpacks!
  • 22:00:12: Workers Strain to Retake Control After Blast and Fire at Japan Plant –
  • 23:02:07: RT @monsieurlam: Apple has embedded the need for iPad3 right into iPad2 : it’s called its shitty camera sensors.
  • 23:02:32: @monsieurlam Ils sont transparents, mais les mondains continuent a l’acheter.
  • 23:03:36: @FannieRochefort Non on dirait que ça va vraiment mal. Ça ne sera pas beau si le réacteur va exploser
  • 23:04:15: When I get stressed or depressed I don’t eat. I had a bowl of cereal today. Luckily, everything is fine now and I have eaten
  • 23:04:42: I can’t believe that Cutty dumped House and that House is back on Vicadan.
  • 23:16:51: Outcasts on BBC is over. It was a good show, but too bad that it didn’t get good ratings. The ending is so open ended. Characters were great
  • 23:17:39: Being Human on BBC3 also wrapped up. It was good, though I wonder if Mitchell will make it back. I dunno. The series has been renewed.

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