Survivor Redemption Island We Hate Our Tribe S220E5 (CBS)

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Aside from Rob doing a few shenanigans to replace the clue that Grant found in the reward basket with his old one, this episode kind of fleshed out Philip. While he should definitely consider not wearing his pink tighty-whiteys in public, it looks like he’s not as stupid as he made everyone think he is. He’s still a doofus. Stephanie and Krista were basically a sinking ship. When they lost the challenge, it wasn’t much of a surprise that Krista got evicted. While I can understand Stephanie’s feelings about her tribe, she’s not really playing the social game with the rest of her tribemates.

* * * * *

Ometepe gets back to camp and thanks their tarp. Philip says that he’s the odd man out. Philip bugs the tribe.

It’s like seriously hurting my eyes.

Philip is bugging everyone, including myself. He’s completely off his rocker, walking around in his pink panties, nobody trusts him. As long as Philip is aggravating everybody so much, it takes all of the heat off of me. So in a way, maybe he needs to stay.
Boston Rob

At Zapatera, they fish with a net. Steve wants to bring Krista and Stephanie into their alliance. Krista and Stephanie go to the duel. Julie doesn’t think that they are pawns, they aren’t a threat to anyone. Stephanie wants to tell the other tribe that they are ready to flip at the merge.

Boston Rob and Grant join the girls at Redemption Island. Matt faces off against Kristina. They have to retrieve puzzle pieces and assemble them into the shape of a giant cube. Both of them have to start over. Matt completes it first and wins again. Kristina goes home. Stephanie puts it out there that she’s ready to flip as soon as they merge. Boston Rob finds that interesting.

I put a sequoia tree in Rob’s brain.

These girls remind me of crabs.

Ashley and Natalie had to fake it so that Philip and Andrea feel part of the group. They miss Rob and Grant. Andrea thinks that the other girls don’t do much. Andrea thinks that the girls are very superficial. Philip and Andrea talk about their situation. Philip proposes an alliance if and when Matt comes back.

When the game makes them play it, they’re going to be very disappointed.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One person will be a caller. The other TM will be blindfolded. The caller must guide their TM through a maze to retrieve some bags. Once they have them all, the caller has to assemble a phrase. There are coffee supplies and a basket filled with pastries up for grabs.

Stephanie is the caller for Zapatera and B Rob is the caller for Ometepe. Grant brings the 1st bag back. Sarita have two bags back for Zapatera. Zapatera has one extra bag back. Grant makes up a lot of time. Ralph is shitty at this game. Grant brings back the 4th bag. Rob has got a few seconds lead. Rob doesn’t know that he dropped a tile. Stef made up a lot of time. Rob discovered that he is missing a piece. Rob completes it before Stef. All of Zapatera thinks that David should have been the caller.

Ometepe enjoys the donuts. Grants discovers a clue and manages to gets it away using a pick and roll with Rob. Rob sends Grant back to the camp with the coffee can, but he exchanges the new clue with his old one. Then, they bury it. Boston Rob had fun. It was entertaining.

At Zapatera, Sarita and Julie talk about who they would want to get rid of first. They are getting rid of Krista first. Sarita would like to get rid of David first, but the two girls are like dead ducks.

They are like two dead ducks sitting on a lake waiting for the gun shot.
Sarita about Stephanie and Krista

It’s time for tribal. When Krista says that the tribe doesn’t play the game Mike says that she hasn’t been playing either.

Votes to Evict

Julie                       Krista
David                     Krista
Krista                     Steve
Stef                        Steve
Sarita                     Krista
Ralph                     Krista
Steve                    Krista
Mike                      Krista

Krista gets the boot. Oh no!

* * * * *

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62 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island We Hate Our Tribe S220E5 (CBS)”

  1. I thought it annoying that the tribe blamed Stephanie for the loss when, according to the camera footage, it was really Ralph who lost it for them. Still can’t stand that guy.

    It’s interesting that the tribes are using Redemption Island as a way to spread information to the other tribe.

    I was disappointed that the promo build up about Phillip turned out to be only him talking about it. Even next week has a promo about him and one of the girls calling him crazy. Should be interesting. I’m still not sure what to think of Phillip.

    I liked that little bit with Boston Rob as well, replacing the new clue with the old one. Smart thinking.

    We’ll see what drama Phillip can conjure up next week!

    1. Yeah, well she’s the odd girl out for now. If they lose then week, she’s a gonner. They built it up and it turns out to be nothing. Ah well, that’s Survivor for ya.

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