Chuck Versus the A-Team S04E18 (NBC)

Chuck is an American science-fiction television program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend Bryce Larkin, a rogue CIA agent, which happens to embed the world’s greatest spy secrets into his brain. This is called the intersect.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chuck.

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

Chuck has just started its third season and it’s still entertaining. The mix between an everyday guy and espionage doesn’t get boring, since the character of Chuck actually puts us in these situations as well. I recommend it, though it’s not for everybody.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Chuck and Sarah discover Casey’s new team and we find out that there are new Intersects around. Sarah doesn’t like being on the B-Team and they try to get back into the A-Team.

* * * * *

Casey is pretending to interrogate Morgan about himself. They’ve been doing this for a while. Casey has gone on missions for Beckman. However, Chuck and Sarah haven’t gone on any mission in two weeks. They want to find out why. They follow him to Zone 6 in Castle but can’t get inside.

Chuck goes and asks Morgan about Casey. He doesn’t tell. Sarah and Chuck start tailing Casey. They find him selling some weapons. They meet his new team.

Greta is back. She’s played by Stacy Keibler. They also meet Director Bentley. He’s got a new mission again.

Beckman gives Sarah and Chuck a new mission. They have to extract an arm’s dealer named Dragan. The Turk that Casey just arrested has agreed to lure Dragan away.

Devon finds home life stressful because of Ellie. She makes up for the lost time by talking to him intensively until bedtime. Ellie wants her dad’s laptop back. Chuck tells Devon to tell Ellie that the computer is at the BuyMore. She will assume that Jeff and Lester lost it. She goes to the BuyMore and tells them that it has a sex tape on it of her and Devon to motivate them.

Chuck and Sarah were sent to pick up a dog. They aren’t the A-Team. They are the B-Team. They want to find the Turk to get Dragan. They discover that Jana in Zone 6 of Castle. They manage to find a way into it. The other Castle is a lot cooler.

They are like a pair of evil robots. They told me about you, you are the dog walker, no?
The Turk to Chuck

They find Orion’s computer there. The other two members of Casey’s team arrive. It’s obvious that they have an Intersect in each of them as well. Director Bentley arrives and relieves Chuck of the computer. The Intersect has been corrected and improved, or something like that. Or it has been implanted into real spies, spies who aren’t afraid to shoot people and get the job done.

Casey discovers that Dragan is bringing in a live nuke. He wants Chuck and Sarah to work with them. Chuck is only going to diffuse the bomb. Even Chuck and Sarah are impressed with the way that Captains Vicki and Rick behave themselves. Dragan runs off after he activates the suitcase nuke. Sarah goes after him. She finds out that Dragan is the detonator. If he dies, the bomb explodes. Vicki arrives, shoots him without thinking much and it activates the bomb. Chuck wants to disarm it, but Rick advises to move it. Chuck starts disarming it with a juice box.

Beckman puts Chuck in charge of overseeing all aspect of the new Intersect trials. Vicki and Rick have the Intersect extracted. They are happy to have it gone. They didn’t like it and pity Bartowski.

Director Bentley wants to give the computer to a Bartowski. It’s obvious that they will hand it to Ellie. Chuck and Sarah are back as the A-Team.

* * * * *

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