Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil S04E17 (NBC)

Chuck is an American science-fiction television program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend Bryce Larkin, a rogue CIA agent, which happens to embed the world’s greatest spy secrets into his brain. This is called the intersect.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chuck.

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

Chuck has just started its third season and it’s still entertaining. The mix between an everyday guy and espionage doesn’t get boring, since the character of Chuck actually puts us in these situations as well. I recommend it, though it’s not for everybody.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Final episode of the Vivian Volkoff saga, where she becomes as bad as her dad, thanks to some help from Chuck and a few others.

* * * * *

There is something waiting for Vivian. It’s some kind of transparent card. It activates a tracker. A man comes to see her. His name is Riley, he was his lawyer. He reads her a letter from Volkoff. He was grooming her to take over Volkoff Industries. When she says no to taking over the evil corporation, he pulls a gun. She stabs him in the hand, takes the card, and leaves.

Vivian comes to Castle. Chuck flashes on it. It’s a card for the First Bank of Macau. Volkoff has all of his funds in this bank. Beckman wants them to take Vivian to Macau and freeze/seize her father’s money. Lauren Cohan sounds like an American who stayed for a time in the UK. Yep, just checked that out and she spent her teens and part of her adulthood in the UK. Her mother is British. There is a cadence in her speech that is hard to replicate for Americans that haven’t stayed in the UK.

Casey is on another mission for Bentley.

Chuck, Sarah, and Vivian go to Macau. Chuck finds military servers that were stolen from the Chinese. Volkoff kept only a safety deposit box in this bank. It’s filled with clippings and photos of Vivian as a child.

Sarah finds her wedding dress.

The First Bank of Macau is turning itself into a black market stock exchange for terrorists. They want to send Vivian in again. Sarah and Chuck will create a distraction by trying to rob the bank. Meanwhile, Vivian will plant some info tag into the servers. The scene where they arrive at the bank reminds me of the Matrix Reloaded.

Riley is there and tells Vivian that Chuck put Volkoff behind bars. After the mission, Vivian realizes that they won’t let her see her father.

Morgan spends the night at the BuyMore and sees the retrofits that are happening. Casey is supervising them. Casey sees him and knows that he knows something.

Sarah has gone wedding crazy.

At the end of the episode, we see Vivian is meeting with Riley. She will become a supervillain.

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