V Siege S02E06 (ABC)

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I really enjoyed the original series. It was something quite astounding to watch. It was a mix between ultra-80s tackiness and just good old plain American science-fiction. I didn’t really get much at the time when it was originally broadcast nor did I watch it really, I just knew of it. I watched it a few times when I was older, when I got the DVD sets. The episodes were a standard science-fiction affair, but the concept was really good.

V tells the story of visitors from outer space coming to Earth to trade with humans. Strangely enough, they look human. In the original series, it took a while to find this out, as they were always wearing helmets for a while. It also took a while to discover that the Visitors aren’t really human. We discover this in the first episode of the new series. The Visitors have got a plan to take over Earth, only the people are too dumbfounded to react. They are in awe of the technology and the trades that the Visitors promise

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

There are some consequences for Jack and Chad. There is a hostage situation. Things don’t end well and Anna is going to be happy because Tyler won’t go with his mom anymore.

* * * * *

Chad has a new partner on his show. Marcus is recovering. Anna is planning on revenge. Erica has been benched by the FBI. The Fifth Column wants to find Ryan. Hobbs want to put a bullet in his brain. He’s on the mothership. Anna tells Ryan that she wants Eli Cohn dead. Ryan tries to but Cohn is waiting for him. A tracker has been sent by Anna to track Ryan. Anna wants to notify the FBI so that the humans do the dirty work.

Father Jack has been laicized. He’s been defrocked. He’s got a week to move out. His superior asks for his collar.

Cohn calls Erica to tell her about Ryan. Erica is talking with him. She doesn’t know that the FBI is about to come barging in. Ryan tells them about this. They are surrounded. Erica tells Cohn that she will be his hostage. Erica has Cohn beat her up to sell it. When Anna sees that Erica is inside the building, she wants Joe there as well. She wants to get rid of Ty’s parents so that he will come back to them. She asks Lisa to push him as well. Joe goes to the building when he sees her on TV. Jack heads over there as well. The Vs have a plant in the FBI that feeds Joe enough info to get inside the building by himself.

Anna has given them some tech to look into the building and see the bad guys. When Eli sees that they are taking position to take them out, he triggers an action. Some hidden suicide bombers outside take some more hostages. Eli makes a pathetic speech to Erica. He wants her to lead the Fifth Column after he dies.

Thomas contacts Hobbs. He’s one of Marcus’ assets. Thomas has a bargaining chip. It’s Sarah, a woman Hobbs has been looking for 5 years. The assignment involves putting a small device within 100’ of Eli’s compound. It will detonate explosives.

Erica tells Ryan that she can’t forgive him and leaves him. Erica walks out with the hostages. One of Eli’s men blends in. Hobbs gets ready with his device. It blows up the building. The surviving Fifth Columnists start shooting. The FBI fires back. Joe is shot and killed.

The investigation into Erica Evans is over. They think that she’s clean.

Anna goes to gloat over her mom once again and comes back. Lisa sees her come back up and she goes down to investigate. She finds her grandma.

Tyler is leaving for the ship.

I know that story-wise, Erica Evans needs to lead the Fifth Column, but she’s the wrong person for the job. She’s not willing to make the hard decisions and always rests on the moral high ground. In a war, the winners write the history. She should be willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the Vs and she isn’t.

* * * * *

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