Survivor Redemption Island Their Red-Headed Stepchild S22E06 (CBS)

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The editing was done to show that Stephanie had a chance of staying in her tribe, but it was obvious from the get go that she would be voted off if her tribe lost the immunity challenge, and lose they did by a gigantic margin. Surprisingly, Grant and Natalie worked really well together in the challenge, blowing Zapatera out of the water and into tribal council once again. The rest of the episode contains some very funny moments of Philip, being a dick or acting like an idiot. It’s still unfathomable that he was an FBI agent. Honestly, I’m surprised that he passed the psych test.

* * * * *

Krista meets Matt at Redemption Island.

Steve is annoyed that both Stephanie and Krista voted for him. She says that he’s getting weak. It’s a reality check for Steve.

Natalie and Ashley are trimming their body hair. They don’t do much. Philip wants them to check on the fire every 30 minutes.

I have a headache.
I have a stomachache.
Natalie and Ashley

Krista receives her luxury item. It’s a bible. She’s getting along well with Matt.

It’s time for the duel. Andrea and Natalie arrive as do Julie and Mike. They will use a grappling hook to retrieve some bags. They will use the balls to solve a table maze. Krista retrieves her bags in three tosses. Matt has one bag left. Matt takes the lead in the maze. Krista drops her ball. Matt wins. Krista leaves him her bible.

That book breathes life.
Matt about the bible

Andrea saw how quickly Matt had bonded with Krista, so now she’s weary of him. She’s just jealous.

Sarita’s tooth is hurting.

She’s a drama queen princess.
Julie about Sarita

Ralph, Julie, and Mike would like to see Sarita to go. David tells Stephanie that she needs to unseat Sarita if she wants to stay. He’s helping Stephanie.

Philip tells the girls to gather some wood. They don’t do anything. He has a little rant and talks about red stepchildren.

Somebody needs to diagnose Philip.

Rob wants to keep Philip around. He tries to squash the argument and bring the tribe back together. Rob is happy about the girls. He wants them to do nothing and lounge around instead of working.

Stephanie apologizes to Steve. Steve agrees that Sarita is the weaker player. Stephanie realizes that she needs to drag Sarita down to bring herself up.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Two members of each tribe will launch balls. The other tribemembers have to catch balls, from either tribe. First tribe to 5 wins. The winning tribe will be taken to a beautiful spot high above the mountains for a picnic lunch. Sarita doesn’t participate. Stephanie and David launch balls. Natalie and Philip do it for Ometepe. Ometepe has the lead. Ometepe has 2. They are going short. Grant and Natalie score again. That’s 3 for Ometepe. Rob catches the ball for Ometepe. Mike has been tearing off Grant’s shirt. He pulls it off completely. Rob almost catches another one from Zapatera. Natalie and Grant score the winning point. That was impressive, but he’s an NFL player. I like that combining with Natalie won the challenge.

Ometepe gets lots of food. Rob spots the clue to the hidden immunity idol. Grant grabs it. Philip spots them and follows them. They have to share the pointless clue to the idol with him. In the VT, Philip goes on a deranged tirade about Stealth R Us, his nickname for the boy’s sub-alliance.

I am the specialist, Rob is the mentalist, and Grant is the assassin.

Hell hath no fury like a lion or a gorilla when he thinks that he’s been provoked (?)

Philip sounds like someone who doesn’t get laid a lot. He talks like a virgin or a kid. It’s hard to understand why he is like that. Idiocy?

David wants to get rid of Sarita. Sarita sees this. She doesn’t want to go campaigning against Stephanie. That doesn’t make much sense since Stephanie isn’t in her alliance. Stephanie is working on Julie. The boys talk.

It’s time for tribal. Stephanie speaks up when Jeff talks to Sarita about sitting the challenge out. Sarita says that she wasn’t going to put up a fight about participating in the challenge. As a result of that, she believes that she isn’t in any trouble because the loss isn’t on her. Stephanie is fighting hard. David says that the tribe is focusing on the wrong thing. They are focusing on trust, and at this point in the game, they should focus on winning the challenges. Ralph agrees to this.

Votes to Evict

Steve                     Stephanie
Sarita                    Stephanie
David                    Sarita
Stephanie            Sarita
Ralph                    Stephanie
Mike                      Stephanie
Julie                       Stephanie

Stephanie is voted out by a 5-2 vote.

* * * * *

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66 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Their Red-Headed Stepchild S22E06 (CBS)”

  1. I’m thinking more about this Redemption Island and it seems unfair. Someone like Matt, who was voted out early, has to defend himself week after week and he could be gone after one weak moment of play. Winning that many challenges in a row should mean something more than someone who happens to walk in a week before the merge and beats him, then gets to continue in the game. Especially when some of the challenges deal more with luck than with skill.

    I love your recap about Phillip and that quote by him about the assassin, etc. When I heard that I was thinking the same thing, it’s like he’s in third grade playing in the schoolyard.

    I don’t trust the promos any longer. They build an episode up into something it’s not. Next week, supposedly, Boston Rob is in danger. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about Redemption Island. It’s a new element, kind of like Exile Island in the past, but it does add another layer to the game. I think I would have preferred that all of the evicted survivors were to stay in a secret tribe and if they would also have their own tribal councils and tasks.

    Yes, Philip is a strange one. The promos are deceptive. They do that all of the time.

    1. I know, especially if the main tribes have got no idea this is happening. Redemption Island might have been a bit more interesting if it was secret. Since everyone knows about it, it just adds another layer to the game. It’s not that significant, since only one of them will be back on the tribe. Unfortunately, having missed out on so much gameplay, I don’t think that they’ll last long. They’ll either be the swing vote or the odd man out.

  3. I really like your idea. You should submit it to them and get some compensation for it. It’s a bit like Survivor meets the String Theory.

    See you tomorrow for the next episode.

  4. It bothers me, too, about Matt. If he loses the next competiton then it was all for nothing. The only thing gained was more face time on television.

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