The Amazing Race I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade S18E06 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Probably the most disturbing thing in this episode is a grown man crying like a 5-year old. I mean, come on. Sure, you have a disability, but that’s no excuse for behaving like a toddler. His mother must have mollycoddled him a bit too much. That much is obvious since he’s running the race with her. Luke was pathetic and he caused his team to be eliminated. Ah well, they’re trimming away the fat.

Teams must make their way to a tea shop. The teams don’t know that the tea that they are tasting will be part of another task in this leg of the race. Gary/Mallory are 1st. The cowboys arrive. Teams are flying to Kolkata, India. Gary/Mallory, Margie/Luke, Kisha/Jen, and the basketball players are annoyed to still be in China. Zev/Justin are also annoyed. Christina asks the owner what kind of tea it was. He says that it was papaya mango tea.

All teams are on the same flight. Kolkata is packed even at 1AM. The teams are racing in taxis. Town Hall opens at 10AM. Big Easy and Flight Time pull a prank on some of the teams. It was somewhat funny. They tell them that a clue box is nearby so they ran off.

At 10AM, the teams race through to the clue box. They face a Roadblock. Team members must taste tea. Team members must find the same tea that they tasted in China in a vast array of tea cups. This might take a long time. Ron finds the tea the 1st in no time at all. He used his nose and the color of the tea. Teams must find a tea stall. Jet has the next one. They leave. Kisha gets hers and they leave. Mallory is full of tea. Kisha/Jen still haven’t figured out the clue. The clue is on the lid of the ice tea. They ask around and still manage to go to the right place. Mallory is praying. Luke is frazzled. Kent gets his. After a long time, Mallory gets hers. Zev smashes a cup in frustration. Zev finally gets his. Luke and the basketball players are still at it.

Ron/Christina change cabs. Kisha/Jen are trying to find a Snapple factory. WTF. The cowboys are almost there. The goths are first there. They face a Detour. In Hindu Art, teams make their way to a statuary store. They must adorn a statue of Ganesh. In Bengali literature, teams will be given 8 stacks of children’s books. Then, they have to squeeze themselves into the back of a rickshaw school bus. They must deliver the books to a school. The goths do the art. Gary/Mallory decide to deliver the books. Ron/Christina find the tea shop. Kisha/Jen finally open the tea and find the clue. They quickly find the tea stall. Luke and Flight Time are still drinking tea. It looks like they are going at random.

Gary/Mallory find their rickshaw and ask someone to translate some directions for them.

I feel like a monkey in the circus parade.

The cowboys do the delivery task. Zev/Justin do the same. The goths, Kisha/Jen, and Ron/Christina do the painting task. Ron and Christina bicker because he can’t handle the noise level.

The globetrotters leave. Luke is crying. Why is a grown man crying like a baby? WTF. His mom tells him to finish it.

Gary/Mallory are in 1st place. They must make their way to the Fountain of Joy. It’s the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Zev/Justin are delivering their books. The cowboys are behind them.

Luke finally finds the right cup and they leave. The goths finish and leave for the pit stop. Kisha/Jen also finish. Ron/Christina are close behind. Luke/Margie do the art. Zev/Justin leave for the pit stop. The cowboys deliver the books and leave. The basketball players do the art as well.

Gary/Mallory finish 1st. They win $20K and get some Snapple. The other teams are stuck in traffic.

Luke/Margie arrive. The globetrotters are almost finished but Herb kicks a bucket of brown paint over the foot of the statue. They have to do it over.

The cowboys sprint and finish 2nd. Ron/Christina are 3rd. Zev/Justin are 4th. The goths are 5th. The basketball players finish and leave for the pit stop.

Kisha/Jen finish 6th. Luke/Margie finish and leave for the pit stop. The basketball players had trouble finding a cab.

The basketball players finish 7th. Luke/Margie finish late. They are eliminated. Luke cries some more.

* * * * *

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