My Daily Tweets 03-30-2011

  • 11:31:46: Photography by Karla Read | Ben Trovato via @bentrovatoblog
  • 11:32:26: Sasha Pivovarova by Guy Aroch for Free People April 2011 Catalogue | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 11:33:21: Christina Gottschalk by Pierre Dal Corso for Kurv Magazine | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 11:39:52: The Most Efficient Way to Light Up Your Workspace
  • 11:42:05: How to Squeeze a Lot More Life Out of Your Laptop via @unplggd
  • 11:51:49: Had a fun time with Bieberbrach’s Conjecture yesterday. The prof didn’t realize the Bieber connection, even though I hate the kid.
  • 12:14:00: @ShoutsofSarah Thanks Sarah!
  • 12:17:22: His sleep machismo led to insomnia later on in his life. –
  • 12:20:48: A day with deadmau5: LEDs, Super Mario, and techno via @engadget
  • 12:30:26: Finished #BoardwalkEmpire last night. It was pretty good, though I’m surprised that the pilot cost 18 million dollars.
  • 12:30:54: Almost finished reading Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. I still have a few books of his to read in my “to read” pile
  • 12:36:19: Social Media Sites Face Quandary Over Activists’ Use –
  • 15:48:29: The Amazing Race I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade S18E06 (CBS)
  • 15:52:43: During my seminar class, one kid was sleeping, another was drawing, most of them were marking undergrad tests. It was about PDEs
  • 15:53:31: discretization of domains using triangular meshes, using a lifting method into tangential polygons.
  • 15:53:56: It’s a good method that can yield an increase of precision of 1-3 orders of magnitude.
  • 19:21:29: Crazy day on the roads today. Really bad. I slowed down significantly on the road to Sinjuang. It was bad on the way back home
  • 19:21:58: Scooter lanes on bridges, ie New Taipei City Bridge, are really bad. If there is an accident the whole bridge is backed up. happened today
  • 19:22:08: It’s like gridlock for scooter, anathema!
  • 19:23:45: Using @starscreamny to decompress.
  • 19:24:19: I used to listen to music while I was driving my scooter. I stopped in 2009 when I somersaulted over another Benz
  • 19:24:37: I tried it again a few months ago and didn’t like it. It’s distracting especially at high speeds.
  • 19:33:00: Her ombrellino protected her well from the scalding sun. –
  • 20:07:02: Sex is no accident: via Coudal
  • 20:21:37: EliteFolio iPad 2 Case: Get Your Daily Allowance of Carbon Fiber
  • 20:29:54: JBL OnBeat Speaker Dock Specializes in iPads, Doesn’t Mind iPhones and iPods
  • 20:40:38: Just finished work. My day is done. It’s 8:40PM. Still listening to #WhiteRing. Pretty good stuff.
  • 20:41:00: When you use #InboxZero you always get a nagging feeling when you know that you’ve got emails in your inbox.
  • 20:41:08: Emails in your inbox means stuff to get done.
  • 20:41:38: #InboxZero is a way of tackling procrastination head on.
  • 20:42:09: Time for some grub and rancho relaxo for a few hours. Maybe even some Commutative Algebra HW.
  • 21:21:30: Some great #WakingtheDead episodes recently on BBC. Really enjoyed them.
  • 21:41:05: The powerful, mystical Spotlight. On steroids.
  • 23:21:03: RT @SPVM: Le SPVM procède à l’arrestation d’un internaute pour harcèlement et menaces sur Twitter
  • 23:21:51: I think I saw the beginning of a Frenchie mating ritual. A younger bitch pursues Spike around, barks at him and wants to get busy
  • 23:22:18: Meanwhile, the young Frenchie bitch, Winnie, keeps getting mounted by some smallish poodle, who keeps going at her the whole time.
  • 23:22:47: Spike barked more than I had heard him all month. It was funny and cute. My guess is that they were trying to find out who was the boss.
  • 23:32:50: RT @thomashawk: .@tmobile, instead of “unlimited” in your ads, you should say “unlimited up to 5GB and then we throttle your ass.”

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