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The Most Efficient Way to Light Up Your Workspace

032911_rg_LEDTableLamps_01.jpgCFL lighting is quite common now, but soon enough we predict LED lighting will overtake compact fluorescents, thanks to their superb energy efficiency and arguably their overall better form factor. On average, LED lighting should consume less energy than other sorts of lighting technology readily available. Their small size also allows for some pretty interesting designs, specifically for LED task lamps for the home offifce.

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Atari Joystick Jewelry Box: 8-Bit Fashion

While I don’t really need a jewelry box, I have to say that this one does look pretty awesome. It’s perfect for the retro gamer geek or geekette to store jewelry and other stuff that needs to be hidden away.

atari box wood jewelry retro video games

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Braun Digital Watch Gets Analog Scroll Wheel

I’ve never thought as Braun as a watch company (mostly an appliance company), but apparently that’s not the case. They’re working on a new digital watch that comes with an analog twist. No, there won’t be a traditional watch face, but there will be an analog dial, a sort of analog scroll wheel, which is kind of cool.


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The Misleading Mac OS X Update

032811_rg_UpgradeSnowLeopard_01.jpgIf you purchased an Apple computer in the last few years and you’re wondering how you can access the Mac App Store with all of its features, then here’s a handy guide how you can bring your computer up to date. Apple offers a variety of different licenses to get the latest version of Snow Leopard, but the website can be misleading. Here you’ll find the facts you need to know.

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Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle Cases Have Their Eye On You

When gadgets get very small, they get pretty darn cool, but the size can also be a problem for people who tend to lose stuff. This is why these Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle 4G cases from Fred & Friends come into play. They’ll dress up your Shuffle as colorful one-eyed monsters, or as Beholders (the appropriate term would probably be Beholder-kin as these aren’t really exactly like Beholders).

mix monsters fred friends ipod shuffle case 4g

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New Casio G-SHOCK Always Tells the Same Time as Your Phone

The new Casio G-SHOCK watch will come with Bluetooth connectivity so that it can adjust time all over the world by connecting with your smartphone to constantly keep its time in sync, including timezone changes. That’s kind of interesting because you won’t have to set your watch back or forth anymore.

casio g-shock baby-g watch timepiece

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Fancy iPhone Watch Case: Time To Burn Some Money

While I do appreciate a good iPhone case just like the next person (remember that crazy Griffin Motif case that helped an iPhone 4 survive a 1,000 foot fall?) I honestly can’t understand why people who purchase über-expensive cases for iPhones, knowing full well that if there is a model change, it won’t fit the new one. Ah well, I guess some people have money to burn.

iphone case de bethune luxury leather style

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