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Technological Range Hoods: The Best in Air Evacuation

When you have extra money in your budget for a luxury appliance, then you should consider getting a high-end range hood. Once people have bought a range hood, it’s rare that they change it before moving. The best range hoods have got LED lights and all sorts of features that put them a step above most common appliances. You also get a distinctive look for this price.

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My Daily Tweets 04.29.11

  • This article is pure stupidity. 14 hours ago
  • Jim Santel on Jonathan Franzen essay in the New Yorker 13 hours ago
  • And TGIF. Steak and chips or steak and mushroom w noodles? I will start off with some leftover Thai from yesterday 16 hours ago
  • A little Friday NSFW goodness. Tanya by Nick Hudson for Fallen #7 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 16 hours ago
  • Almost TGIF 16 hours ago
  • My Post From Technabob: WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard: WOW, I Didn’t Realize We Needed This 16 hours ago
  • My Post From Technabob: Subwoofer Chair is One Serious Rump Shaker 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy For every person who likes to tinker with their computer, you’ll find dozens who just want something that works easily. 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy It’s the perfect product for the masses though. People like the App store and they like how simple it is. 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I don’t like the closed platform of the iPhone and iPad. That’s almost a dealbreaker for me. Mine would have to be jailbroken 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I thought that he was a terrible president. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy yeah, but it hasn’t taken off yet. By then, the iPhone 5 will be released 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy Bush was terrible for America. People had high hopes for Obama, but there’s only so much he can do. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy The type of iPad I want costs about $600 USD, which isn’t bad but I’ll wait. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy They’re using all the knowledge they got from creating touch-based devices like the iPhone 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy Apple has got a 2-generation advantage already, going on 3 pretty soon. That’s a lot. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I dunno. Honestly, I have trouble believing that anyone will be able to create a good tablet. The problem is the OS 17 hours ago
  • I wasn’t hungry but did the groceries anyway. Felt like steak and chips, but by the time I’m hungry, the chip shops will be closed. 17 hours ago
  • But has anybody seen Kate’s birth certificate? Is she eligible to be Princess? 17 hours ago
  • Apple have integrated it fully in their OS. No other laptop that I’ve used has something as easy and nice to use. 17 hours ago
  • Mostly plastic. My MBP17 never overheats and it’s really quiet. The big difference is the glass trackpad. 17 hours ago
  • This isn’t an old laptop, it’s from a few years ago, Asus W7M 17 hours ago
  • After a year or so, it started overheating and shutting down. I had to keep it on a low power consumption setting so it would work. 17 hours ago
  • The MacBook Pro 17 that I’m using right now is a testament to that. The shitty old laptop from Asus that I had before was all plastic 17 hours ago
  • While Apple deserves to be made fun off, especially by South Park, there’s no denying the quality of the products they sell. 17 hours ago
  • I rise from the dead to bring you FREAKANGELS: 17 hours ago
  • No tablet maker has come close to the iPad yet, and before serious contenders appear, Apple will release their 3rd version. 17 hours ago
  • The MacBook Air would be interesting, but I’ll wait until the hardware gets properly updated. 17 hours ago
  • Sometimes people ask me which tablet I’d buy. I don’t have one and I’d probably buy an iPad 2, though I’d prefer to wait for the iPad 3. 17 hours ago
  • It’s week 17/52, so I’m on track for reading 1 book per week. 17 hours ago
  • I’ve read 18 books so far this year. 17 hours ago
  • Still have that stupid #TwitterforMac update problem. Every single time I open the App store, it wants to install the same update. WTF. 17 hours ago
  • I hadn’t switched on the MBP 17 in a day or so, and updated my apps. 17 hours ago
  • If I can buy the same thing new, why would I buy it used from you? 17 hours ago
  • I’m always amazed when people sell second-hand stuff at the same price as new stuff. They need a reality check. 17 hours ago
  • I bought a few Haruki Murakami books and I’ve been thinking about #NorwegianWood I liked it a lot. I need to read #WindUpBirdChronicle. 17 hours ago
  • The same goes for Taiwan. I don’t really care about the politics here all that much. 17 hours ago
  • Daily Lexeme: Ocker – 17 hours ago
  • If we both end up working/doing research at universities, I foresee that we’ll be living in the US. We already own a duplex there. 17 hours ago
  • But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Quebec though I doubt that we’ll ever live there again. The same could be said about Canada. 17 hours ago
  • I do care about the American elections, because it will have a significant impact on the world. 17 hours ago
  • Having spent so much time away from Quebec and Canada, I don’t really care all that much about the elections. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy yeah WTF. I honestly don’t give a shit, but it’s not part of my culture. 17 hours ago
  • I’m liking my new moto boots. Very sturdy. New moto gloves w carbon fiber inserts not bad either. 17 hours ago
  • For some reason, the new #UmbertoEco skipped my attention when it came out last fall. Will remedy that shortly. #cemeteryofprague 17 hours ago
  • This Kate girl and what’s his name never came to my wedding, why are you making me go to theirs? 18 hours ago
  • OMG -royalwedding tweets please. 17 hours ago
  • A billion people in countries culturally devastated by the British empire are excitedly watching the monarchy live on. I am nonplussed. 18 hours ago
  • Liking it so far. Enjoying Bolano’s alter-ego Belano. 21 hours ago
  • Started part II of The Savage Detectives. 21 hours ago
  • hot dogs or nutella pancakes? 23 hours ago
  • Dealing with Desktop, Smartphones and the Tablet:… 29 Apr
  • Way to screw over your users facebook. 29 Apr
  • Post vacation, I’m roughly 60 years behind on email. See you in another life, brother. 29 Apr
  • @wobblesmccoy & invent your own reality in the passing. 29 Apr
  • @wobblesmccoy Senility, that’s my answer. He’s another nutter. 29 Apr
  • OK. Maybe if I really behave myself, someone will name a donut after me. (Not.) 29 Apr
  • C’est ben long 1min33. 29 Apr
  • My Daily Tweets 04.28.11

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My Post From Technabob: WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard: WOW, I Didn’t Realize We Needed This

I’ve never thought about using my iPhone as a touchpad or numeric keypad for my computer, but apparently CompuExpert thinks we should. Their new WOW-Keys keyboard features a prominent dock for your iPhone. It makes you realize that iPhones have become ubiquitous, but I wouldn’t want to use mine like this. I’d rather have a plain old numeric pad that I can feel instead.


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My Post From Technabob: Subwoofer Chair is One Serious Rump Shaker

This was probably your parents’ worst nightmare. Thanks to Back to the Future, we all love gigantic speakers. Well, this subwoofer is pretty huge and it’s been made into a chair. Do you think it will be loud enough for you?

jl audio greg ball subwoofer chair gaming speaker

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My Daily Tweets 04.28.11

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The Geco Series of LED Lamps By Lumina

This innovative series of lamps has started to blur the line between table, floor, and wall lamps. Using LED lights placed on a sort of ribbon, they can be used in any number of situations: on your desk, next to your home theater, and in the bedroom without missing a beat. The versatile nature of this lamp, and the fact that it can be updated, means that you’ll keep this for a long time.

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Issey Miyake VUE Watch: Time Comes into VUE

What makes this watch so interesting is that it shows only the most relevant numbers on your watch face, no others. That was a pretty smart idea, since you can easily tell time with a glance, which should be the main purpose of a watch.

yve behar dezeen vue issey miyake japanese watch

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