Survivor Redemption Island Don’t Take a Smart One S22E07 (CBS)

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This was another interesting show filled with Philip’s idiocy and lunacy. I liked his reference to The Book of Five Rings but ultimately, he’s the odd man out. The only reason he’ll make it until the merge is because his tribe keeps winning. From the previews, it looks like the merge will happen during the duel, so no more evictions. Even though Philip is an idiot, he does have an interesting take on things. It’s true that Rob is all about control. Once the merge happens, control will slip away. I think that’s saying a bit much though, since Rob is a player that’s always looking ahead. He’ll have no trouble staying in the game, but odds are that if his sub-tribe has the numbers, which they do, they’ll pick off the other tribe one by one. That’s the plan, but Rob knows that things go rarely like they are planned in Survivor. Philip could and will switch over to the other sub-tribe, which means that Rob’s will be down a number unless he can get more support from the Zapatera sub-tribe. His charisma will undoubtedly ensure, unlike Russ, that he stays in the game.

Once again, Ometepe won the challenge and it’s down to team unity and cohesion, something that Zapatera severely lacks. It didn’t help that Sarita was really bad at the challenge. David made up a lot of ground, which kept him in the game this week. .

* * * * *

Ometepe has won 3 out of the last 4 challenges. Both tribes are now even at 6. Steve makes a speech when Zapatera comes back to camp. David might be the odd man out now that he voted for Sarita.

Stephanie arrives at Redemption Island. She talks about her food cravings with Matt. She’s already getting on Matt’s nerves. Rob and Philip go to the duel. Philip says that he no longer trusts Rob. He talks about Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and the adage of letting your enemy move first. He does have Rob down to a T. Rob has been quite controlling in this season, and it could be his downfall once control slips away from him. Luckily, he’s got a backup plan for that.

Rob is talking about babysitting Philip. He can’t be trusted to be on his own. He likes to talk a lot.

He’s dangerous because of his stupidity.
Rob on Philip

He’s probably the most unaware person I have ever met in my entire life.

Ralph and David are here from Zapatera. There are matching symbols scattered around the arena. The first to five matching pairs wins. Right out of the bat, Matt flips over two matching symbols. Stephanie does the same. Matt moves ahead. It’s 2-1. Once again, he gets another point. It’s 3-1. Stephanie gets a point. It’s 3-2. Once again, Matt flips over matching pairs by guessing. It’s 4-2. Stephanie manages to get another point. It’s 4-3. Matt makes a mistake. Stephanie can’t capitalize on it. Matt can now win the duel. He does so. Stephanie goes home.

Stephanie tells Ralph to get rid of Sarita. She tells Rob to watch his back. They will try to get him out. Philip couldn’t shut up and Rob thinks that he will try to get rid of him after the merge. That will be his big move. On their way back, Philip asks Rob if he wants to hide something from his tribe. Rob says no. Rob uses this as ammo to discredit Philip some more. Rob tells the tribe exactly what just happened on the beach. If they lose they will vote him out.

I’ll frontside him.
Rob talking about voting for Philip

At Zapatera, Ralph talks about Dave. He thinks that Dave will flip to the other team.

He thinks he’s the king of riding the wild waters of survivor.
Sarita about David

To antagonize Rob, Philip wants to eat some of the crispy rice that the girls had been saving for him. Philip is just digging his own hole. The rest of the tribe isn’t biting.

Am I feeling part of this tribe? HELL NO! Am I giving 100% to this tribe 110% to this tribe? HELL YES!

Wow, what a nut job? Where do they find these people? Impeccable casting, that’s where.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Both tribes have to race through some obstacles. They have to collect bags of balls. They must shoot the balls into a basket. First tribe to get 6 balls into the basket wins. The winners will leave via helicopter for a picnic with some alcohol. Rob and Grant are working hard with the girls. They have a lead. David makes up the lost time. Rob has to drag Philip through the crawl space. Zapatera is through the brick wall first. Ometepe is through. Zapatera starts shooting but Ometepe puts two in thanks to Grant. Ometepe has 3. Zapatera has 2 and now 3. They are tied. Zapatera has 4 and then 5. Grant puts another one in. It’s 5-4. Grant puts the fifth one in. Ometepe wins immunity and reward. Wow, that was close, but Grant pulled them through. That was pretty exciting.

Some tribes advance boldly. Weak tribes grow agitated. But superior tribes, like ours, we find a way to win. And we did.
Philip on their win

Ometepe gets picked up by a helicopter. They land on top of an active volcano. They start eating and Rob spots the clue and hides it. Later, he happily throws it into the volcano.

Zapatera is talking about who to get rid of with Dave missing. They decide to vote him off. Ralph talks with Sarita, but he says that David was strong at the challenge. Mike says that initially, they thought about voting Dave off, but Sarita was extremely weak at the challenge. She fumbled and started panicking. Steve tells Ralph that they need to keep David to win challenges. I don’t know if they are seriously considering this or if it’s just down to editing.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff mentions that since they threw a challenge, they have lost 3 challenges. Dave mentions a lack of cohesiveness. Ralph doesn’t know the meaning of cohesive. Steve thinks that cohesiveness is lacking and they need it.

Votes to Evict

Julie                       Sarita
David                     Sarita
Sarita                     David
Mike                      Sarita
Steve                    Sarita
Ralph                     David

Sarita is voted out by a 4-2 vote. She didn’t even bring her stuff. Dave tells her not to get too confident.

From the previews, it looks like Matt hurt his foot, but he will play against Sarita in the penultimate duel. The winner will get back into the game. The tribes will also merge.

* * * * *

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62 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Don’t Take a Smart One S22E07 (CBS)”

  1. I loved that Rob threw the clue into the mouth of the volcano. Unopened. But I wondered, what if it was one of those game-changing clues? But those are usually handed out during a challenge.

    See? Phillip kind of grows on a person, doesn’t he? It’s interesting because he reads Rob’s actions and forms a plan in his head to combat it. He sees Rob for who he is and evaluates an eventual line of attack against him.

    Rob, on the other hand, dismisses Phillip as a crazy lightweight. I don’t think he understands how dangerous Phillip could be to his game. He wants to get rid of him, but only as an annoyance factor and not a true challenge. If Phillip knew how to better play a social game then he could pull off all of those plans he has rolling around in that crazy head of his. The smartest thing Rob could do at this point is to get rid of Phillip but I don’t know if he sees Phillip as a serious threat. Rob thinks Phillip might flip at the merge, but still thinks he can reign him in. I hope Phillip stays in the game – for entertainment value. He is fun to watch. This just might turn into a battle between Rob and Phillip. Who needs evil Russell to give Rob a run for the money when there’s pink-panty clad full blown looney-tune on the loose? This is getting interesting…

  2. It looks like Philip will stay in the game, as they are set to merge during the next duel. When Jeff told them to drop their buffs, they were in the dueling arena.

    Yep, I have to say that Philip is entertaining.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t think that Philip plays a good social game, and that’s very important if you want to make a move against someone like Rob. Even though Rob is controlling, he does play an excellent social game. His tribe is eating out of the palm of his hand, so they will follow him and I doubt that they will flip, except for Philip.

    As for Zapatera, I don’t know if they will be able to stay together after the merge, since David has already told them that he might flip. By my reckoning, Rob will be able to convince him to vote with his alliance to rid themselves of the rest of the players. Then it will get interesting.

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