TDK Life on Record Boombox: Bringing the 80s Back in Style

TDK is bringing back an the old favorite, the boombox and they’re calling it Life on Record. This boombox has an iconic look that features three big speakers and it’s designed to play music loud. Remember when boomboxes were all the rage before iPods and iPhones? Well TDK is trying to capitalize on this retro feeling using this boombox.

tdk boombox life on record music speaker player

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One thought on “TDK Life on Record Boombox: Bringing the 80s Back in Style”

  1. Pros: Nothing else compares. The sound quality is as they describe it, “high-fidelity”. I have taken mine to the beach and to bonfires. The sound is loud! The construction is great and the boombox looks great! AUX makes it compatible with nearly anything. Charges iPod regardless of if there are batteries in use or the boombox is plugged in.
    Cons: 12 D batteries required for portability, weight =40lbs, no remote, problems with iPod touch 3Gen and USB (freezes iPod), iPod 4Gen works fine, the boombox freezes or turns off if powered by batteries and the volume control is quickly adjusted and will have to be reset by pulling one of the 12 D batteries out. The touch screen on the boombox only works to display the song title if you are using a USB memory stick and not for the iPod touch. The equalizer is too basic and has very little effect on the sound of the music. (Not a big flaw since the sound quality is nice under any equalizer setting.
    Bottom Line: I love it for it’s loudness, sound quality, looks, and most important its portability! Buy it, you won’t find a better boombox that is this portable!

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