The Killing Pilot & The Cage S01E01-02 (AMC)

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The Killing just premiered last night on AMC. It is based on the extremely popular Danish TV series Forbrydelsen. The US adaptation focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl named Rosie Larsen and its effect on the community and the family. The original show had each episode based on a single day in the police investigation. It looks like the US version will follow the same format.

I hadn’t watched the Danish version, but I just started watching it after I had finished the two first episodes of the US version. I was initially impressed by the US version, but it’s almost a carbon copy of the Danish version. The characters and casting is better in the Danish version.

All in all, I liked the US version, but since I want to find out what’s going to happen next, I have 20 episodes of the Danish version to watch, plus 10 more for the second season which will air on BBC later this fall.

Mireille Enos plays a good detective. I like her way of going about things. I don’t really like Stephen Holder’s character. The way he hits on teens is a bit disturbing. The show reminds me of Twin Peaks, and that’s pretty good for something that is currently airing. Many British fans have commentated on how good the Danish version is and I’m also looking forward to seeing it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

A girl goes running in the forest. Another girl was being chased by someone in the dark. The 1st girl named Sarah Linden is on call as a detective. She gets called to a case. The body is at some abandoned wood refinery. She follows a trail of blood. It was just a prank. Sarah is leaving Seattle for San Francisco.

Linden has got an affectation for chewing gum. She’s moving and getting married to her boyfriend, who’s somewhat older than her. Sarah has got a kid. Her boss hands her a case. She’s leaving tonight on a flight. She takes her replacement with her. He used to be undercover for Narcotics.

They haven’t found a body yet, but they have got a bloody wool sweater. They also found an ATM card. It belongs to Stan Larsen. The scene shifts to Stan and his wife. The girl running in the woods was her daughter.

Darren Richmond is some councilman in a campaign. He’s sleeping with his assistant. He’s running for mayor. He asks her to move in. She asks him to talk about his dead wife.

Sarah and her pal find Stan’s wife. Linda notices the bike and asks her about her daughter. She hasn’t talked to her over the weekend.

At Rosie’s school, she has gone missing. Her friend lied about her staying over. Stephen and Sarah start questioning Mrs. Larsen more in detail about the whereabouts of Rosie. She was last seen wearing a pink sweater. The school calls. The last time anyone saw Rosie was at the dance.

Linden arrives at the school. The councilman had a rally happening here. He has to postpone it.

Sterling ducks out of the assembly. They can’t find her. Earlier she had a bloody nose. She goes to see Chris. She is trying to find Jasper. Rosie might have hooked up with him. Jasper is on the Island at his parents’. He scored some X and was looking to score. Jasper is playing video games. Some girl is in his bed moaning.

Jack was caught smoking at school. She brings him to his father’s boat.

Stan isn’t answering her phone. His wife keeps calling him. He finally calls back.

Cadaver dogs and uniforms comb the field where they found the sweater. They find a possible burial site.

Stan finds Sterling. Sterling says that she went to meet Jasper at his house on Friday. He goes to pick her up. He calls the police. The boss calls Linden and calls off everything. The burial site was a no-go.

Stan arrives at Jasper’s place. Jasper is screwing some older lady, who’s doped out of her mind.

Sarah has an idea while she’s at the field. Her partner is an annoying git. There is a lake nearby. They find a car inside of it. They find Rosie’s body in the trunk. The car belongs to the Richmond campaign.

Stan is driving to the lake. He tries to go to the car, but he is stopped by the cops. Linden tells him that he can’t be here.

The parents ID the body. Linden conducts an interview with Stan. Holder talks to the wife. The boss wants to keep Linden on the case. Both Linden and Holder aren’t really dressed like detectives. They aren’t wearing suits.

The cops call Darren Richmond’s assistant. Holder and Linden question them. The assistant vouches as Darren’s alibi. Someone from the office sent a reporter an email about the support of a councilwoman. The car was reported stolen Saturday morning. The car got jacked in the lot. The keys are kept in the cars.

It’s the next day. Rosie’s death has just become to sink in. Holder questions Sterling and Jasper. They haven’t let the media know that Rosie is dead. Linden talks with Jasper. Jasper’s father arrives and says that they can talk to him with his attorney present. His dad slaps him.

Holder discovers that Rosie was wearing $2K heels. Jasper was arrested last year for going joyriding in a neighbor Maserati.

The Larsens tell their boys that Rosie is dead. Mitch’s sister wants to know why she didn’t call Rosie all weekend.

Holder stays behind at the school for some reason. He wants to asks the girls questions. He smokes some pot. He lets two girls take a hit. He wants to party with them. They tell him about the cage in the basement. I can’t if Holder was being serious about hooking up with those teenagers or simply trying to glean information from them.

The ME’s report is back. She was alive when the car went in the water. She ripped out her own fingernails trying to get out of it.

There is a mattress covered in blood in the cage. The walls are covered in blood and bloody handprints.

The media asks Richmond for confirmation if Rosie Larsen was found in one of his campaign cars.

Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen, the show focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl, Rosie Larsen, and the subsequent police investigation. Production on the 13-episode first season started Thursday in Vancouver. The Killing will be AMC’s fifth original series and its first in the crime genre.

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