Survivor Redemption Island This Game Respects Big Moves S22E08 (CBS)

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It was somewhat painful to watch Matt bumbling around the two merged tribes once he got back into the game. He thought that his alliance with Andrea was rock solid, but he negated to take into consideration that Andrea has been playing the game ever since he left with the Ometepe tribe. Bonds have been forged and they proved stronger than her Kindergarten crush on Matt. Matt was really stupid and he definitely got what he deserved. Rob isn’t his confessor, he’s one of the best players of the game of Survivor. For a reason of faith, he decided to confess to Rob what had happened with Mike. Mike had proposed an alliance against Ometepe. This only convinced Rob that Matt couldn’t be trusted and he promptly played him against Zapatera.

Meanwhile, instead of doing what his new alliance told him to do, Matt voted for Steve. He believed that Ometepe was voting for Steve. That was the sole vote for Steve and it was a vote wasted. If he had only voted with Zapatera for Grant, he might have stayed in the game. Things are really going well for Rob. He managed to flush out Zapatera’s immunity idol as well. Ralph and his crew believed that Ometepe would target Mike and he used it on him. That was a simplistic move to make, because Rob is playing a few moves ahead of almost everyone.

So Matt is back on Redemption Island. Zapatera was surprised that Ometepe had the balls to do this a second time. Matt was blindsided once again, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Historically, there has always been resentment at people given a second chance in the game. They have either been promptly voted out or disposed of. This is what happened to Matt and I am not surprised.

* * * * *

At Zapatera, Julie says that they had to blindside Sarita so that they can win challenges. Sarita arrives at Redemption Island. Matt isn’t impressed with her. She seems to be easy to beat. She also gives him the lowdown on Zapatera.

At Ometepe, they get treemail. All of the tribe has to go to the duel. It’s the merge. Rob thinks that they will be going to Zapatera’s beach so he tells them to pack. Philip doesn’t really want to, but he starts packing.

At Zapatera, David immediately says that it will be the merge. Mike has Rob in his sights.

Matt cuts his foot and doesn’t know if he’ll do well during the duel. It’s an endurance challenge and the cut is going to be a problem. Matt might lose but Sarita is a wet blanket. When Matt hears about the duel, he winces because it will involve resting his feet on very small pegs. After 15 min, they will step onto a smaller peg. Jeff asks Philip about what they have to face. Philip starts talking about the Bushido code. WTF. He drones on for a long time. On the last peg, Sarita looks more stable than Matt. He keeps shifting and readjusting himself. Sarita drops out. Matt wins and he’s back in the game.

Grab you stuff, toss your buff, the game is over.

Jeff tells Matt that he should drop his buff too because he’s got a new one for him. The tribe is merged. They are handed a map to their new camp. Jeff also says that Redemption Island will start again starting at the next tribal.

The tribe comes back for a feast. Rob comes up with Murlonio for the tribe. He says that it means from the sea, united. Murlonio doesn’t mean anything. It’s an inside joke between him and Amber. It’s one of her stuffed animals. It’s actually the ring leader of her stuffed animals.

The tribe has to build a new shelter. They don’t finish it. Mike approaches Matt for an alliance including Andrea and the Zapatera 5 against Rob’s alliance. Zapatera spends a miserable night on the outskirts of the tribe. Matt and Andrea are talking. Matt tells her that he wants to take out the Zapatera tribe. In private, Andrea is all for it, but in her VT, Andrea doesn’t sound so convinced.

The next day, Mike reads Matt’s bible. Matt is also conflicted. Part of him wants to just leave it as it is and stick with Ometepe.

There’s a Christian coalition brewing here in Nicaragua.

But anytime a group of individuals likes the same thing, I don’t like that. It could be romantic comedies, it could be Oreo cookies. If they all like that together, I want that broken up.

Once again, Rob has Matt in his sights. He doesn’t like the fact that he’s tight with Andrea and his love of God will allow him to work some magic with Mike.

It’s time for the individual immunity challenge. They will be perched on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. If at any time a ball falls off, they are eliminated. At regular intervals, they will add more balls. Julie is the 1st one out. When they add another ball, Ashley is out. David is out. Now they move onto three balls. Andrea is out. Grant is out. Matt is out followed by Rob and Philip. Ralph is out. Mike looks rock solid. Steve is out. It’s between Nat and Mike. A fly lands on Mike’s balls. Mike falls out and Nat wins immunity. Mike talks with his tribe. He wants to vote out Grant and have Ralph use his idol during tribal.

Instead of looking out for himself, Matt decides to tell Rob everything and stay with Ometepe. Rob can’t believe his stupidity. Rob plans on voting for him. Andrea walks in and also thinks that Matt is being stupid. He might have ruined her plans.

Rob talks with Nat and Grant to tell them about Matt. All of them are on board. Matt realizes that the chips are going against him.

Mike smartly writes a note to Matt telling him that he needs to vote for Grant so that he can go to the final three. He tells Andrea.

Rob tells Andrea to vote for Matt when he notices that Andrea and Matt were off talking on the beach.

It’s time for tribal. During tribal, Ralph and Rob say that the tribes are still separated. Philip drones on again.

Matt is the man in the middle.

Votes to Evict

Ashley                  Matt
Rob                        Matt
Nat                         Matt
Grant                    Matt
Philip                     Matt
Andrea                 Matt
Matt                      Steve
Julie                       Grant
Steve                    Grant
Dave                      Grant
Mike                      Grant
Ralph                     Grant

It’s hard to say which way it will go, due to the way that the show is edited. My gut tells him that Ometepe doesn’t like flip-flopping Matt. Matt looks like he made up his mind, but Andrea will not vote with him. She doesn’t think that he’s reliable anymore. Ralph plays the immunity idol. He gives it to Mike. He wasted it. Ometepe was targeting Matt. Matt is voted out by a 6-1-5 (Matt, Steve, Grant). David thinks that this move was genius. Matt is going back to Redemption Island. Julie feels really bad for him.

* * * * *

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62 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island This Game Respects Big Moves S22E08 (CBS)”

  1. ahhh! Busy week this week so I’ll have to comment on both this episode and tonight’s episode over the weekend. I haven’t read your post yet, but I do want to say I really wanted Matt to return, I was cheering him on, and now, not so much. What an idiot.

    1. Me too, but he was really stupid, so I think that he shouldn’t return. Anyway, once a strong player goes to Redemption Island, he will be toast.

  2. I don’t mind sitting through some bible-thumping, but I don’t understand these players who think God is going to decide if they win the game or not. With that reasoning, then wouldn’t God look at the most needy of players or the most charitable person who would later give resources to those less able to care for themselves? Just because Matt reads the bible doesn’t give him magic pennies from heaven that he can slip into the palm of St. Peter standing at the gate and whisper, “I have a reservation.” And it doesn’t give him a better chance of winning against others who choose to read the Sunday comics instead. I’ve never understood the logic. And we see how that played out.

    Rob is playing a good game and keeping his head through it all. I am a bit concerned about his control over these people. It’s a little scary as we watch people with free will give up any independence or freedom of thought or action to a guy who they think will protect them. It’s a little bit of a reflection of the world at large. Rob is turning into a darker side of Russell without the demeaning and belittling comments.

    If I want to eat Oreo cookies with someone then I don’t want Rob watching from a distance and determining that it’s a threat to his power. Scary stuff.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t going to mention that, but it hit me as well. This whole idea that God directs every single instant of your life is ridiculous. I believe in God, but I’m sure that He’s got different things to look at than Matt, praying and being born again.

      Yep, Rob can get scary. But in a way, it’s more of a reflection on the other players than him, letting themselves be led this way. If Rob forces the issue too much, Grant will make a move and try to get rid of him. I can already see that Rob is grating on him because of the whole fish issue. We’ll see how this plays out.

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