2004 Yamaha Cygnus X 125cc

2004 Yamaha Cygnux X

I handed over Green Kelly last Thursday for the final tune-ups. She had started to grow on me over the last week, and except for a few tweaks here and there, she was fine.

The scooter shop owner handed over a 2004 Yamaha Cygnus 125cc as a loaner. I’m currently thinking about trading in Green Kelly for this scooter. When I first rode it, I was somewhat surprised. It’s got good early acceleration, but then it tapers off midway and only comes back in force once you hit max speed. This scooter weighs somewhat more than the Yamaha Forte, but it feels a lot stabler at mid to high speeds. It feels quite solid at higher speeds, and the bumps in the road seem less of an issue.

However, I do think it’s a good scooter, mainly because it’s almost 8 years more recent than my old one. Also, I believe that it makes me somewhat more prudent on the roads. There are some adjustments to be made. The front brake is a bit weak, so the pads need to be changed. I don’t really like the seat, it looks somewhat cheap. I’d change it. I’m not too keen on the red/white look. If I had a choice, I’d go for blue or black.

I’ve read that this scooter is supposed to be able to hit 130kph, but I only managed to get to 90-95 kph. My guess is that some of the parts need to be changed to get speed back. Probably a new performance pulley and clutch springs. There’s a tuning shop nearby, but they specialize in PGO scooters.

I’ve been riding the Cygnus for two days now, and I have to say that it is a nice ride. It’s very stable, and that makes a big difference. Green Kelly is nowhere near as stable at higher speeds. It also feels quite a bit safer. I’ll continue testing it for a few more days.

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3 thoughts on “2004 Yamaha Cygnus X 125cc”

    1. Green Kelly is a Yamaha Forte from ’96. She’s pretty zippy for her age and she’s got 125ccs. Honestly, the Cygnus doesn’t really compare. It’s a lot safer in my opinion. I’d like to modify it though to get it back to 130kph. Now that would be nice. Even the ’08 200cc PGO that I tried barely broke 100kph. It went at 105-110kph. No more.

      It’s got to do with the age of the parts. Some key components like the pulley, clutch springs, etc, can give a real boost to performance especially if they are brand spanking new and the ones from Yamaha instead of the random bits and pieces we put in old scooters.

      Green Kelly is basically the same model as the wrecked scooter, Blue Shelly. Before that, I had Old Nancy. If I keep the Cygnus, I’ll call her Die Rote Zora. (a children’s tape series from Germany, when I was a kid)

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