The Amazing Race You Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win S18E07 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Bumbling Ron finally lost a leg of the race for his team and he gets eliminated with his daughter. Serves him right for being an asshat at times. Impressively, the Harlem Globetrotters managed to get from last to first place in this leg of the race. There was more strangeness from the goths and Gary/Mallory had a fun time with manure.

Gary/Mallory are 1st to depart to Varanasi, India. Zev wants to leave India. It’s too crowded. Gary/Mallory and Christina/Ron are on the Kingfisher flight that arrives at 10:45AM. Ron wants to get something to eat. Gary/Mallory do some research.

The cowboys are on a later flight that arrives at 11:45AM. The basketball players are on the earlier flight. The cowboys figure out that they are an hour behind everyone.

Upon arrival, Kent hits his head on the boot. Zev/Justin’s cab needs gas. The basketball players pass Kisha Jen. They pass a lot of teams.

For those of you at home who don’t know, in India, when you press the gas pedal, the honk sounds.
Big Easy

The goths are 1st. They face a Roadblock. They must search for six sadhus who will hand over some words. Then, they must assemble it into a phrase and then hand it over to another sadhu. Big Easy, Jen, Gary, Ron, and Justin do the task. Jen and Big Easy work together but they split up.

The holy men, they look like anorexic Santa Clauses.

Kent decides to follow Gary. Jen and Big Easy are still in the lead. Jen has the sentence first. She finds the final sadhu and completes it first. Big Easy and Justin start working together. They leave for the final sadhu. Teams must now make their way to a traditional gym club.

The Cowboys arrive. Cord does this task. All of the other teams are worried. Cord runs through the task. They made up an hour pretty easily. Ron is completely lost. He’s gone too far. Kent and Gary complete the sentence. Kent bolts to get to the park before Gary. He kind of totally ditched him. What do you expect? It’s a race. Mallory and Jet know that Kent just did that.

You almost got the cow in the butt.
Kisha to a tuk tuk driver

Zev/Justin and the basketball players are 1st at the gym. They face a Detour. They must Feed the Fire or Feed the Buffalo. In Feed the Fire, teams travel the Ganges and travel the path of milkman. They must make 50 traditional fuel patties out of buffalo manure. It sounds disgusting. In Feed the Buffalo, teams cross the Ganges and pick up a load of hay. They must cross the Ganges again and reach a specific spot. Both Zev/Justin do the feed the buffalo task. Kisha/Jen do the manure task.

Cord completes the Roadblock. They leave Ron behind who’s gone way off track. For some reason, he went down to the Ganges. He thought that the holy men might refresh themselves near the river. What a dumbass!

Kisha/Jen arrive and realize that fuel has something to do with manure. They immediately start to wretch, much to the delight of some children. The goths do the manure task as well as do Gary/Mallory. Ron finally gets his clue. Zev/Justin get robbed of some of their hay by some cows.

The crap you do for a million dollars.
Jen while rummaging through manure

Jen is getting frustrated with Kisha. Zev/Justin and the basketball players are working together. They deliver their hay. Teams must make their way to Ramnagar Fort, the pit stop of this leg of the race.

It looks like the basketball players are in front. The cowboys haul some hay. The judge decides that Kisha/Jen have some more work to do with crap. They complete the Detour and head to the pit stop. Kent makes Vyxsin carry his backpack. How gallant! The goths and Gary/Mallory arrive.

I tell you what. This outfit will go in the trash after this because I know the next time I wear this, cow manure will be involved.
Mallory about the outfit that she’s worn twice on different editions of the race, and each time it had manure involved

The basketball players finish 1st. They went from last to first. That’s impressive. They win a trip for two to Hawaii. Zev/Justin finish 2nd.

Ron/Christina do the hay task. The goths finish the Detour and leave for the pit stop. Gary/Mallory are close behind. The cowboys are close to finishing the Detour as well. For some reason, the goths take a boat. When their boat is ultra slow, Vyxsin plunges in the water and pulls the boat to shore. That’s impressive. What a great executive decision she made!

Kisha/Jen finish 3rd. Gary/Mallory finish 4th. The cowboys finish 5th. Ron/Christina take a water taxi because it’s apparently the fastest way there. Kent has to bully someone out of a tuk tuk.

The goths finish 6th. Ron/Christina finish last. They have been eliminated.

* * * * *

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