Nurse Jackie Game On S03E01 (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia

Following the framework of previously established dramadies on Showtime, Nurse Jackie aims to show the life of a RN working at a busy hospital who pops pills and leads a double life.

Nurse Jackie has already created some controversy because of its content. The show is for mature audiences and tells a story about a hard working nurse, dedicated to her job, but with a habit.

This show is a lot better than Hawthorne. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but the situations that Jackie gets herself into are amusing. She’s cheating on her devoted husband with her pharmacist, who supplies her with pills. She deals out her own kind of justice in order to make things right in her own eyes.

Nurse Jackie is entertaining and between all of the new medical dramas, Hawthorne, Mercy, etc., it’s definitely the best.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

So the cat’s out of the bag. Kevin and Eleanor both know that Jackie is an addict.

Jackie is looking for drugs in her bathroom. Jackie tells Gloria about her problem. She says it’s not that big of a deal. She says that Kevin called Gloria. Eleanor comes to see Gloria right after Jackie leaves. Eleanor doesn’t want to work the same shifts as Jackie anymore. Gloria says that as a perk, nurses with seniority can make up their own schedule.

Cooper tells Gloria that he doesn’t want to work with Sam. He slept with Sam’s girlfriend and Sam clocked him.

Zoe is acting stranger than usual because she just had sex. She’s just giving out too much information.

Some worker was partially crushed by boxes. He’s suffering from renal failure. His father is there. They work together. He shares a sandwich with Jackie in the chapel.

Kevin is enrolling Fiona in the same school as Grace and becoming the emergency contact for the girls.

Kevin shows up at Jackie’s work. Both Thor and Zoe have trouble believing that she is married. Everyone knows that Jackie is married now.

Eleanor tells Jackie that she broke her heart.

* * * * *

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