Coffee, Food & Grad School

Another column by Robert Isenberg over at McSweeney’s playing a standardized patient.

In the thick of grad school, I have lifted restrictions on two things: caffeine, and food. I will spend any amount of money on caffeine and food, consume them in whatever quantity, because I spend dawn until midnight rushing from job to second job to class to home, and I never know when I’ll be able to recharge.

And actor-grad-students? No Danish or bag of Funyuns is too stale, as long as it’s readily available.

If Martha and I were artists, she would be an illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post, and I would paint watercolors of clouds.

These men seem less like medical students than aspiring movie stars.

By then, surgeons could still smoke in the operating room (one senior doctor once told me that he would balance his ashtray on a sleeping patient’s chest).

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