The Killing El Diablo S01E03 (AMC)

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The Killing just premiered last night on AMC. It is based on the extremely popular Danish TV series Forbrydelsen. The US adaptation focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl named Rosie Larsen and its effect on the community and the family. The original show had each episode based on a single day in the police investigation. It looks like the US version will follow the same format.

I just finished watching the two seasons of Forbrydelsen. They were very good and the American version isn’t as good, in my opinion. Still, it’s interesting to see how close they will follow the original.

You still get the Twin Peaks vibe from this show. Once again, Holder continues to be disturbing on screen, messing around with teenagers. It makes you think that he’s a pedophile.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The media are hounding the councilman. Linden is at the primary crime scene. She finds an eyehole. Her boss wants her to stay for the rest of the week. The principal shows them ‘The Cage’. It’s got an eyehole into the crime scene. The only other person who has a key is the janitor. They go to see the janitor. His name is Rosalis. He jumps out the window after assaulting Linden. Rosalis has got an alibi, so he’s not the killer. He’s in surgery and got a sheet.

Ruth tells Richmond that they are over.

Linden tells her boyfriend Rick that she’s staying over.

Day 3

Richmond meets with the mayor, who thinks that it’s best that he steps down from the campaign. In 4 years, he’ll get his endorsement. Darren finds that hard to stomach. It looks like he thinks that the mayor is corrupt. The news has leaked to the media.

Linden questions Rosalis. He says that he saw Rosie there in the basement Friday night. He saw her with Jasper Ames. He also IDs Kris Echols. He says ‘el diablo’. Linden figures out that Kris got into the dance by wearing a mask. He was dressed up as a devil. He’s a drug dealer or something like that.

Richmond finds out who the leak is. He shares it with Gwen. They don’t mention the same.

Linden visits the Larsens and tells them how Rosie died. Holder questions Echols’ mom. He’s heavily into drugs. Holder goes to where Echols hangs out. He keeps smoking weed. They are trying to find Kris.

Gwen confronts Jamie about the email he sent to the media. He says that he didn’t write it.

You’re letting sex cloud your judgment.

Linden and Holder find Echols and talk to him, but they don’t get anything from him. That was pointless. They just let him go.

Right before he leaves, Jamie tells Richmond about a way to bribe Ruth to get her endorsement. Richmond asks her if she wants to give her husband a job at a site that they are developing. She can’t give it to her husband because of conflict of interest.

Echols comes and gives Ames a slug. He tells him that they know.

Rosie’s teacher confiscated a phone. On it, there is a video of someone in a devil disguise going at it with Rosie. It’s Jasper. Echols is filming. It looks like they are taking turns screwing Rosie.

* * * * *

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Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen, the show focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl, Rosie Larsen, and the subsequent police investigation. Production on the 13-episode first season started Thursday in Vancouver. The Killing will be AMC’s fifth original series and its first in the crime genre.

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