Supernatural The French Mistake S06E15 (CW)

Supernatural Season 6 title card

Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean, who are hunters. They hunt demons. This is because their mom was killed by a demon. This season, the boys discover more about their past. In the last season finale, Dean was sent straight to hell by Lilith. He had sold his soul to save Sam.

The plot of the series has evolved over time, beginning initially with the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, looking for their father throughout most of season one. Once they find him, the show becomes about killing Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon responsible for the death of their mother. This is accomplished, but not until after Azazel’s plans are completed and a door to Hell is opened, although only momentarily, releasing a horde of demons into the world. This event also sees the death of Sam, who is subsequently resurrected by Dean selling his soul at the end of season two. In the third season, the plot of the show focuses on trying to save Dean from his deal. Along the way, they meet a demon named Ruby, who has an interest in Sam and claims to be able to help save Dean, as well as Bela Talbot, an “acquirer” and seller of occult objects who is constantly a thorn in their side. The brothers eventually manage to track down the demon who holds Dean’s contract, a powerhouse named Lilith who also wants Sam dead. However, Sam and Ruby ultimately fail to save Dean, who is killed and sent to Hell. Season four begins with Dean, miraculously returning from Hell, awakening dazed and confused in a grave. He was apparently rescued by a supposed angel named Castiel on orders from God. Sam on the other hand, has further developed his abilities with the help of Ruby during the months that Dean has been dead. It is soon revealed that Dean was revived to help stop Lilith’s plan of breaking the 66 seals, which would let Lucifer walk free once again. As the series continues, Dean learns of Sam’s newfound ability to excercise demons using his psychic abilities. They have a heated argument, where Dean confesses to Sam: “Cas told me, if I dont stop you, he will. That means God does not want you doing what you are doing Sammy.” [From wiki]

I don’t really remember what made me stop watching this show, but a friend was extolling its virtues and I watched the fourth season premiere with her. Actually, I do remember. I really got tired of the repetitiveness of the episodes. This seems to have changed drastically since the last few seasons though. Supernatural has matured into a really good show, with its own flavor and great plots. The plot for season 4 is really good and I’m glad to see God involved.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Extremely funny episode in which both Sam and Dean become the actors that play them, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

* * * * *

Balthazar comes to see the boys. He’s talking gibberish about the Archangel Raphael and the Godfather. Raphael is after them all. He’s on the move. Cass is deep underground. Raphael put out a hit list on every last one of them who helped Cass. Balthazar is bleeding. He mixes together a concoction and paints something on the window. Someone appears. Balthazar tells them to run. The other angel (Virgil?) comes for Balthazar, who flings the boys out of the window. They end up on the Supernatural set. Sam and Dean are in the bodies of the actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They are in our dimension. Dean tries to invoke Cass. They see someone in the distance. It’s the actor Misha playing Cass. The key that Balthazar gave them opens a room with every weapon that Balthazar stole from Heaven.

I want to reach into my brain and scratch my way back to Kansas.

We are out of soul-phone range.

Dean thinks that if they replicate Balthazar’s spell, they might be able to get out of this dimension. They take a car to Jared’s place. They find the actress playing Ruby there. Jared is married to her (they married in 2010). They find some bones from a Saint online and Jared uses his credit card to put down $100K to buy it. They pick it up the next morning. They want to sue the set, but the director tells them they can have it after they complete today’s shooting. They are terrible at it. Sam tells Dean that nothing magical or supernatural works here because the Apocalypse didn’t happen. The sigil they painted allowed Virgil to come through.

When he sees that his powers don’t work, he goes after Misha and kills him. He’s trying to talk/invoke to Raphael. A homeless guy overhears Virgil killing Misha. He tells Sam and Dean what he heard. Virgil lifted the key from Dean earlier. Raphael gave him a way out.

Bob Singer calls on Eric Kripke to help out with the boys. Kripke gets shot by Virgil. So does Singer. More of the production staff gets shot. Sam and Dean try to take on Virgil. They are in the same place as where they painted the sigil. Raphael grabs them through. Raphael’s vessel is a woman. She takes the key. Balthazar says that it was just a con. Cass arrives. He says that he’s got the weapons and he’s been powered up by them. Raphael winks off.

* * * * *

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