The Amazing Race Unfinished Business I Cannot Deal With Your Psycho Behavior S18E08 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

The goths have a few tiffs but still manage to stave off elimination. Once again, the cowboys are in the rear of the pack. A few more times of this and they’ll end up going home. All of the teams who chose to eat schnitzel end up having to do the other detour again. That was kind of surprising, but I would have bet the the Harlem Globetrotters could have eaten that, especially Big Easy.

Teams are flying to Vienna, Austria. The basketball players and Zev/Justin hook up at the same travel agent. The earliest flight lands at 5:35AM. The cowboys take the flight with only one connection in Delhi that lands at 6AM. The goths are bickering. The other teams are on the earlier flight. The winner of this leg of the race will receive two Ford Focuses. Teams must make their way to Schloss Schallaburg. The clues are on the ground in the parking garage. They need to use the reversing camera. Gary has trouble with the car. The cowboys are last again. Zev/Justin get directions. So do the goths. Kisha/Jen arrive at the same time and also benefit.

Zev/Justin get the clue first, which tells them to go to some National library in Vienna. Zev/Justin are 1st. Kisha/Jen are right behind. They face a Detour. In Long Hard Walk, they make their way to Freud’s office. They must deliver a couch to a university. In Quick & Easy Meal, they must eat a local meal during one 12-minute rotation of a Ferris wheel. They both decide to eat.

The globetrotters decide to move a couch. The goths are lost. The goths also move a couch. Wow, didn’t expect that. Kisha/Jen arrive at the Ferris wheel first. Flight Time decided to piss on the castle’s wall.

-I bet you it’s the biggest wiener I’ll ever eat.
-It’s humongous.
Jen and Kisha

Zev/Justin arrive. They are eating schnitzel. Yummy. Justin regrets it six minutes in. Kisha/Jen fail. They do the other Detour. Justin looks sick. They do the other Detour as well. Both of those teams tell Gary/Mallory that it was easy. The globetrotters arrive 1st to get the couch. The goths arrive a few minutes later. Kisha/Jen arrive. They made good time.

The cowboys just arrive at the library to get their clue. The cowboys move the couch. Gary/Mallory also fail and do the other Detour.

I can throw up and try again.

Big Easy takes up the couch on his back. Kent is a like a whining girl. The cowboys spot Zev/Justin. They know they can make up the time. They start jogging with the couch. The basketball players must drive themselves to Salzburg.

You sound like a ridiculous baby.

Kent is really whining. Vyxsin is annoyed. Kisha/Jen cross paths with the goths. The goths make up in the car. The cowboys catch up and beat Zev/Justin. They leave for Salzburg.

Gary/Mallory are in last place. Zev/Justin pass the cowboys on the highway. Kent takes a wrong turn against Vyxsin’s advice. The basketball players are 1st. They face a Roadblock. It involves chimney sweeping. Big Easy looks ridiculous in the costume. It doesn’t fit him. He gets the clue quickly before anyone arrives. Zev does this Roadblock. The basketball players must drive themselves to the Villa Trapp, the next pit stop for this leg of the race. Kisha and Vyxsin do the Roadblock. Zev/Justin leave. Zev/Justin finish 1st. They win some cars. The basketball players finish 2nd. Kisha/Jen are lost. The goths finish 3rd.

Maybe we just need to fight more.
Vyxsin to Kent

The cowboys are behind Kisha/Jen. Kisha/Jen finish 4th. The cowboys finish 5th. Gary/Mal finish last. They aren’t eliminated. They will have to do the Speed Bump in the next leg.

* * * * *

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