The Killing A Soundless Echo S01E04 (AMC)

The Killing title card

The Killing just premiered last night on AMC. It is based on the extremely popular Danish TV series Forbrydelsen. The US adaptation focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl named Rosie Larsen and its effect on the community and the family. The original show had each episode based on a single day in the police investigation. It looks like the US version will follow the same format.

I just finished watching the two seasons of Forbrydelsen. They were very good and the American version isn’t as good, in my opinion. Still, it’s interesting to see how close they will follow the original.

You still get the Twin Peaks vibe from this show. Once again, Holder continues to be disturbing on screen, messing around with teenagers. It makes you think that he’s a pedophile.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Echols is coming down from a high in interrogation. Linden and Holder are watching him through the one-way glass. They show him a video of her. Holder is told by the boss to clean himself up and put on a suit. Linden goes to see Ames and his lawyer. They show him the video.

Echols says that Rosie hated Ames. Holder shows him the video. Echols isn’t impressed.

Linden talks with Sterling. Sterling was wearing the witch costume, not Rosie. She was the one in the cage, not Rosie. She says that Rosie changed after she dumped Jasper. Sterling thinks that she met someone.

Richmond’s campaign is in trouble. The mayor is battering him with the connection with the murder. Gwen meets with her dad the senator. She wants him to arrange meeting with Drexler. They go see him. The Mayor is there too. Drexler gives him a check for $50K.

The mayor meets with Jamie. He wants him to work for him. It’s a ploy. Richmond is using Jamie to figure out if the mayor leaked stuff to the media.

Linden meets with the Larsens. They still haven’t found where the lock box key fits into all of this. They tell them that Rosie might have been seeing an adult behind their back. The Larsens see the crime scene photos once again. It’s the same mistake as before. Someone left the door to the murder room open. How many times will this happen?

Rick surprises Linden. They spend some couple time together.

Larsen goes to see some guy named Janich and asks for financial help. He gives him some money.

Holder figures out where Rosie went on the bus. It leads them to the Richmond All-Star Program. The men there ID Rosie and tell him with whom she came here. It’s Rosie’s teacher.

Linden goes to the Larsen home to figure out if there’s anything hidden away that they missed. She finds letters from Rosie’s lover. They are signed ‘Bennet’. Bennet is the teacher.

* * * * *

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Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen, the show focuses on the murder of a young Seattle girl, Rosie Larsen, and the subsequent police investigation. Production on the 13-episode first season started Thursday in Vancouver. The Killing will be AMC’s fifth original series and its first in the crime genre.

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