Survivor Redemption Island Rice Wars S22E10 (CBS)

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This episode is all about rice. Each tribe has got their own stash of rice and the old Zapateras are eating quite  a lot of it since they have dwindling numbers. It rubs Philip the wrong way, but I didn’t see the Ometepes trying to share anything with the Zapateras, so it’s expected. Philip manages to make it racial for some reason. The duel takes place and naturally Mike and Matt make it through while David becomes the 1st member of the jury.

The immunity challenge was tailor-made for Rob and he easily wins it. Steve tells Rob that they will vote for Philip, but the Ometepes vote out Julie instead. During tribal, she admits to hiding Philip’s shorts.

* * * * *

So David and Mike were evicted. They joined Matt on Redemption Island. Matt has been praying a lot. They are over-analyzing the situation. They call is a truel, tri-duel.

The next day, the Zapateras are eating some fish and rice. Steve hopes that the Ometepes will get annoyed with Philip. Meanwhile, Philip found another feather. He’s humming and saying gibberish on a cliff. He says that he was meditating.

The old Zapatera are eating more rice. It’s their rice. It’s grating on Philip, because the old Ometepe never had this much food. That’s because all that they do is sit around and do nothing, like Ashley and Natalie. Philip steals some of their rice to get even.

Philip is the rice police.

It’s time for another duel, or truel.

I never knew that strangers could hurt me so deeply.

The challenge involves stacking some stones like stacks of cards. The first two to get to 8 feet will move on. The other one is eliminated. Mike is at 6’. Matt’s pile falls over slightly. Mike is almost there. Mike’s tower waves dangerously. Dave is back in it. Mike is in it. Matt is through. David is out. David is the 1st member of the jury. Rob thinks that if Matt comes back it will be tough for him. Matt and Mike head on back to Redemption Island.

Andrea discovers maggots in the rice. Andrea and Philip separate them out. Steve tells Andrea that they can’t put their rice with their rice. It’s tit for tat, buddy. The old Ometepe isn’t sharing their tarp, so WTF. Philip tells Steve that the first moment that they leave the rice alone, he will take their rice. Steve tells Philip that he’s a lunatic. Philip says it’s racism. He goes all crazy and says the n-word. He lost his cool. The Ometepes think that it’s entertainment.

It’s like watching Divorce Court.

It’s not a chip it’s a log on his shoulder.

Steve tells Rob that they are voting for Philip. Rob tells his tribe that once the other tribe is gone he’ll turn on them.

Philip somehow managed to make a war about white rice racial.

Rob and Grant are talking about the argument. They both felt uncomfortable around Philip.

I’d still rather die than keep him around though.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must build a multi-stage puzzle wheel. They have to release a base and solve a puzzle. The first six will compete to build the puzzle wheel. Getting the base off involves spinning around. Andrea is first off. Ashley is last. Rob is 1st, Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve, and Grant move on. Rob was 1st by a long time. He had at least 30 seconds over the other tribe members. Steve and Andrea are doing well in the 2nd stage. It’s Rob, Andrea, and Steve. Rob wins immunity. My money was on Rob. Steve was just a few seconds behind. That was a decisive win. I like how even if Rob didn’t need immunity, he competed fiercely.

Julie hides Philip’s shorts. Philip notices it quickly enough. He makes a big deal of it. It was a very smart move by Julie. It definitely provoked him and antagonized the rest of the old Ometepe. Ashley and Nat have to force themselves not to laugh at him.

It’s time for tribal. Philip blames Steve for stealing his shorts. Steve says that Philip made it racial about rice and threatened them. Jeff wants to hear all about this.

Every time that he calls me crazy, he’s thinking the n-word.

Philip does make a compelling argument. He compares detecting racism to how a woman feels when someone makes an inappropriate remark or gesture about herself. It made some of the girls think. Julie says that she took Philip’s shorts. That was stupid. Rob mentioned before that all of this might factor into their decision. Nat says that she knows that Steve doesn’t have any prejudice in his heart and she doesn’t know how it is for an African American man.

Votes to Evict

Andrea                 Julie
Ashley                  Julie
Nat                         Julie
Grant                    Julie
Rob                        Julie
Philip                     Julie
Steve                    Phil
Julie                       Phil
Ralph                     Phil

Philip I hope you have a great night on Tension Island with your two feathers and your underwear.

* * * * *

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59 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Rice Wars S22E10 (CBS)”

  1. Although I think Phillip acts up at times to try to throw people off their game, I think this one was Phillip being Phillip. And I agree with you, I do see his point and why he felt the need to speak up. I don’t think Steve meant anything in a racist way, but the way in which he expressed it could be misconstrued by someone who is sensitive to words people choose.

    I didn’t like what Julie did but I see your point. She probably got what she deserved, being voted out. She’ll never make it through the challenges at Redemption Island against the strong guys already there.

    I missed that comment by Ralph. Love it. Tension Island, what a great line!

    See you next week.

    1. I wasn’t sure if Ralph actually said Tension Island or just had trouble saying Redemption Island, but either way, it interesting.

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