The Amazing Race Unfinished Business We’re Good American People S18E09 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

The goths have a few tiffs but still manage to stave off elimination. Once again, the cowboys are in the rear of the pack. A few more times of this and they’ll end up going home. All of the teams who chose to eat schnitzel end up having to do the other detour again. That was kind of surprising, but I would have bet the the Harlem Globetrotters could have eaten that, especially Big Easy.

Teams must travel to Lichtenstein. There is a Double U-Turn ahead. All of the teams depart within an hour and 15 min.

-Are you (tourist)?
-Zev hearing terrorist replies “We’re good American people, not terrorists.”
A cab driver and Zev

Teams face a Roadblock. They must use a motorized bicycle to measure the entire width of Lichtenstein. It’s 22km. Gary/Mallory face a Speedbump. They are also the last team. They must create the proper mixture of gas and oil to power the motorized bike. It’s 25 pts of gas to 1 pts of oil.

Jet and Flight Time make the wrong turn. Jen loses the map. Vyxsin also is lost. Gary catches up with Jet. It’s chaos. I’m waiting for someone to fall. Justin is the first to arrive. He gets the right number on the 1st try. Jen verifies her number with Justin and goes to the castle. Jet arrives to see Marco. Jet says 35km and he has to start over.

Teams must travel to Zermatt, Switzerland. Zev gives Flight Time the right number. I don’t know if that was the right move. Flight Time tells Gary. Gary, Vyxsin, and Flight Time move on. Jet starts over.

Kisha/Jen and Zev/Justin are on the train to Swizterland. Gary/Mallory and the basketball players leave. The goths are close behind. Cord is left all alone. The other teams leave for Zermatt. Jet finishes the Roadblock.

Teams face a Detour. They have to choose Cheese or Wheeze. They must either eat a whole pot of cheese fondue. In Wheeze, they must deliver luggage to five different hotels. Zev/Justin and Kisha/Jen do the cheese fondue. Justin isn’t feeling. Kisha feels sick already. Kisha/Jen switch Detours. Zev likes the fondue. They keep at it. Gary/Mallory, the goths, and the basketball players arrive. Gary/Mallory deliver some bags. Zev burps a lot. The goths are also delivering luggage as do the basketball players. Kent is whining again like a girl.

Justin has to puke. He sees Kisha/Jen outside. They’ve been eating for 42 minutes. The cowboys arrive and deliver bags. Kisha/Jen are finished. Zev/Justin are also finished.

Zev/Justin are ahead of Kisha/Jen. The goths are bickering again. Zev/Justin don’t U-Turn anybody. They are going to the next pit stop, the Moos Chalet. Kisha/Jen don’t U-Turn anybody either.

You can’t push it. If you push it, it gets angry.
Kent about a revolving door

It’s nice to fondue you.
Zev to the Swiss girl on the mat

Zev/Justin finish 1st. They win a trip to the Caribbean. Kisha/Jen finish 2nd. The goths are finished. Vyxsin is annoyed with Kent, and she puts him in the cart. Gary/Mallory are finished too. The goths leave for the U-Turn station. Gary/Mallory also leave for the station. The basketball players are short on their luggage tags. Flight Time has lost two tags. The goths don’t U-Turn anybody. They also couldn’t U-Turn because they already used their U-Turn. Gary/Mallory also don’t use it. The cowboy are finished.

The goths finish 3rd. Gary/Mallory finish 4th. The basketball players use the U-Turn on the cowboys. The basketball players finish 5th. The cowboys go eat some cheese. The cowboys finish last and are eliminated.

* * * * *

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