My Daily Tweets 04.29.11

  • This article is pure stupidity. 14 hours ago
  • Jim Santel on Jonathan Franzen essay in the New Yorker 13 hours ago
  • And TGIF. Steak and chips or steak and mushroom w noodles? I will start off with some leftover Thai from yesterday 16 hours ago
  • A little Friday NSFW goodness. Tanya by Nick Hudson for Fallen #7 | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 16 hours ago
  • Almost TGIF 16 hours ago
  • My Post From Technabob: WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard: WOW, I Didn’t Realize We Needed This 16 hours ago
  • My Post From Technabob: Subwoofer Chair is One Serious Rump Shaker 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy For every person who likes to tinker with their computer, you’ll find dozens who just want something that works easily. 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy It’s the perfect product for the masses though. People like the App store and they like how simple it is. 16 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I don’t like the closed platform of the iPhone and iPad. That’s almost a dealbreaker for me. Mine would have to be jailbroken 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I thought that he was a terrible president. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy yeah, but it hasn’t taken off yet. By then, the iPhone 5 will be released 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy Bush was terrible for America. People had high hopes for Obama, but there’s only so much he can do. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy The type of iPad I want costs about $600 USD, which isn’t bad but I’ll wait. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy They’re using all the knowledge they got from creating touch-based devices like the iPhone 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy Apple has got a 2-generation advantage already, going on 3 pretty soon. That’s a lot. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I dunno. Honestly, I have trouble believing that anyone will be able to create a good tablet. The problem is the OS 17 hours ago
  • I wasn’t hungry but did the groceries anyway. Felt like steak and chips, but by the time I’m hungry, the chip shops will be closed. 17 hours ago
  • But has anybody seen Kate’s birth certificate? Is she eligible to be Princess? 17 hours ago
  • Apple have integrated it fully in their OS. No other laptop that I’ve used has something as easy and nice to use. 17 hours ago
  • Mostly plastic. My MBP17 never overheats and it’s really quiet. The big difference is the glass trackpad. 17 hours ago
  • This isn’t an old laptop, it’s from a few years ago, Asus W7M 17 hours ago
  • After a year or so, it started overheating and shutting down. I had to keep it on a low power consumption setting so it would work. 17 hours ago
  • The MacBook Pro 17 that I’m using right now is a testament to that. The shitty old laptop from Asus that I had before was all plastic 17 hours ago
  • While Apple deserves to be made fun off, especially by South Park, there’s no denying the quality of the products they sell. 17 hours ago
  • I rise from the dead to bring you FREAKANGELS: 17 hours ago
  • No tablet maker has come close to the iPad yet, and before serious contenders appear, Apple will release their 3rd version. 17 hours ago
  • The MacBook Air would be interesting, but I’ll wait until the hardware gets properly updated. 17 hours ago
  • Sometimes people ask me which tablet I’d buy. I don’t have one and I’d probably buy an iPad 2, though I’d prefer to wait for the iPad 3. 17 hours ago
  • It’s week 17/52, so I’m on track for reading 1 book per week. 17 hours ago
  • I’ve read 18 books so far this year. 17 hours ago
  • Still have that stupid #TwitterforMac update problem. Every single time I open the App store, it wants to install the same update. WTF. 17 hours ago
  • I hadn’t switched on the MBP 17 in a day or so, and updated my apps. 17 hours ago
  • If I can buy the same thing new, why would I buy it used from you? 17 hours ago
  • I’m always amazed when people sell second-hand stuff at the same price as new stuff. They need a reality check. 17 hours ago
  • I bought a few Haruki Murakami books and I’ve been thinking about #NorwegianWood I liked it a lot. I need to read #WindUpBirdChronicle. 17 hours ago
  • The same goes for Taiwan. I don’t really care about the politics here all that much. 17 hours ago
  • Daily Lexeme: Ocker – 17 hours ago
  • If we both end up working/doing research at universities, I foresee that we’ll be living in the US. We already own a duplex there. 17 hours ago
  • But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Quebec though I doubt that we’ll ever live there again. The same could be said about Canada. 17 hours ago
  • I do care about the American elections, because it will have a significant impact on the world. 17 hours ago
  • Having spent so much time away from Quebec and Canada, I don’t really care all that much about the elections. 17 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy yeah WTF. I honestly don’t give a shit, but it’s not part of my culture. 17 hours ago
  • I’m liking my new moto boots. Very sturdy. New moto gloves w carbon fiber inserts not bad either. 17 hours ago
  • For some reason, the new #UmbertoEco skipped my attention when it came out last fall. Will remedy that shortly. #cemeteryofprague 17 hours ago
  • This Kate girl and what’s his name never came to my wedding, why are you making me go to theirs? 18 hours ago
  • OMG -royalwedding tweets please. 17 hours ago
  • A billion people in countries culturally devastated by the British empire are excitedly watching the monarchy live on. I am nonplussed. 18 hours ago
  • Liking it so far. Enjoying Bolano’s alter-ego Belano. 21 hours ago
  • Started part II of The Savage Detectives. 21 hours ago
  • hot dogs or nutella pancakes? 23 hours ago
  • Dealing with Desktop, Smartphones and the Tablet:… 29 Apr
  • Way to screw over your users facebook. 29 Apr
  • Post vacation, I’m roughly 60 years behind on email. See you in another life, brother. 29 Apr
  • @wobblesmccoy & invent your own reality in the passing. 29 Apr
  • @wobblesmccoy Senility, that’s my answer. He’s another nutter. 29 Apr
  • OK. Maybe if I really behave myself, someone will name a donut after me. (Not.) 29 Apr
  • C’est ben long 1min33. 29 Apr
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