The Amazing Race Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen S18E10 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

I don’t know who Vyxsin was kidding, but her partner Kent is one of the worst ones around. He doesn’t pull his own weight, gets extremely flustered, and has a low stamina. Vyxsin does most of the heavy lifting in this team. Also, I don’t understand why that girl looked like a clown in her final VT. The makeup was caked on so thick, that it was frightening. Needless to say that it’s good to see them gone. I wonder who will win this edition of  The Amazing Race.

Teams are leaving for the Air Rescue Helicopter Port in Zermatt, Switzerland. The helicopters start taking off at 9:15AM in five-minute intervals. The goths are passed by Gary/Mallory. Kent is getting annoyed and angry. Vyxsin isn’t happy with him. The goths sign in in 4th place.

I wonder if the snow will take off their eyebrows.
Zev about the goths

Teams face a Detour. In Search, teams use an avalanche beacon to find a dummy. In Rescue, teams use a special winch made for crevasses to get a mountaineer out of one.

The Matterhorn was named after the Disney ride, it’s pretty mind-boggling to me.
Zev either goofing off or being obtuse

Zev/Justin do Search. Kisha/Jen do Rescue. Zev/Justin are pretty quick in finding their dummy. Jen goes into the crevasse. The goths do Rescue as do the basketball players. Gary/Mallory do Search. They find their location and have to dig down. Vyxsin looks like a clown with all of her makeup in the VTs. WTF.

Vyxsin doesn’t hear Kent telling her to stop the winch. Gary/Mallory are making more progress than Zev/Justin. The goths are the 2nd ones out of the crevasse but Kisha/Jen 1st with the clue. They must find a ski resort and take a train back down the mountain. Gary gets half of the dummy out, but it’s taken a toll on him. The goths leave as well. The basketball players leave too. Zev keeps knocking snow back into the hole. Gary/Mallory leave. The goths and Kisha/Jen hook up with Gary/Mallory and the basketball players. Zev/Justin are left alone. This will give the other teams a 25-minute lead. It’s probably more than that. The other teams face a Roadblock. Teams must create a gnome made entirely out of chocolate. Vyxsin, Flight Time, Jen, and Mallory do this Roadblock.

I wanna eat that gnome.

Kent keep going on about things. Mallory says that she couldn’t take it and doesn’t know how Vyxsin does this. Zev does the Roadblock. Vyxsin keeps her moulds at her station for the longest time while Kent nagged her. Naturally, someone takes somebody else’s mould. The basketball players suspect the goths. Flight Time takes another mould. Big Easy is pissed. Vyxsin starts to cry in a VT. The basketball players are in 1st place.

I like you better when you shutting up.
Jen to Big Easy

Vyxsin finishes 1st and the goths leave. Teams must make their way to a 300-year old Swiss Cabin, the pit stop for this leg of the race. The basketball players leave followed by the Kisha/Jen. Gary/Mallory leave too.

The goths are confused and take a taxi. They were supposed to make their way on foot. The rest of the teams go there on foot.

The basketball players finish 1st. They win a trip to the Cooke Islands. Kisha/Jen finish 2nd. The goths are going to be hit by a 30-minute penalty or they are going to have to retrace their steps. 30-minute penalty. Gary/Mal finish 3rd. The goths bicker for the longest amount of time. Zev/Justin finish 4th. The goths have been eliminated.

Worst to first baby.
The basketball players

* * * * *

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