Survivor Redemption Island You Mangled My Nets S22E12 (CBS)

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I am unsure about what to think about Philip’s revelation. On one hand, it makes total sense. He’s been playing the game all this time, and he’s pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. On the other, some of his antics were so nutty that they might have had a grain of truth. We don’t really know what kind of a Federal Agent Philip was, but he’s been in the Army and if he’s worked undercover or been trained to, playing Survivor like this is possible.

As for the rest, it all went as planned. Andrea got evicted and Boston Rob managed to win immunity, thanks to an effort that made him collapse afterward. I was really impressed with this. Usually, some of these types of players will throw challenges or get self-confident. Rob is playing to win and if he continues, he’ll easily win Survivor.

* * * * *

Ralph and Steve head to Redemption Island. They meet up with Matt and Mike. The jury is going to be almost all Zapatera. If one of the Zapateras gets back into the game and makes it into the top three, they will easily win.

When the Ometepes come back to camp, Nat starts to cry for no reason. Actually there is a reason, but I don’t give a fuck. She’s a total non-player in my book.

The next day, they get treemail. There is a cell phone from Sprint in the box. Rob gets a message from his sister, not his wife.

The tribes head off to the duel. The winner of today’s duel will get to spend time with their family. It’s a four-person duel, a quatruel or something like that. The game involves breaking tiles with a ball. Only Mike breaks one in the 1st round. Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Steve break one in the 2nd round. Mike has 2. Matt, Mike, and Ralph break tiles. Mike has 3, both Matt and Ralph have 2, Steve has 1. Mike wins the duel and gets to spend time with some family. Matt and Ralph have 3. Matt breaks the last one. Ralph does the same. Steve is going home. Mike could exchange time with his mom to give Matt and Ralph time with their family. That’s his 1st choice. The other choice is to give everyone time with their family. Mike gives the love to the Ometepes. That won’t buy him anything, but it was tactically sound. Mike’s move pisses Ralph off, because Ralph is stupid. He’s probably jealous because Mike bought himself some favours with the Ometepes.

The Ometepes go back to their camp with their family. The waterworks have started. Whatever. Rob tells Heather that Philip is a nut job, a total wacko.

There is a strange shot of Nat showing off her ass to her mom, and giving herself a playful slap on the bum. Odd.

“Look mom how great my ass looks thanks to the Survivor diet!”

I want to win Survivor. This is something that I’ve been trying to do for 10 years now. I’m 8 days away, so there’s nothing that’s going to stop me.

The next day, they get some more treemail. Boston Rob thinks that it’s time for Andrea to go home. She can’t win immunity today. It’s time for the next immunity challenge.

They will race to collect some puzzle steps. They must place them from bottom to top on a giant staircase. Rob, Grant, and Andrea are in the early lead. Andrea finishes 1st, but makes a mistake. Nat and Philip are slow. Rob, Grant, and Andrea work on their 2nd set. Ashley is struggling. Andrea is in the lead. Andrea makes a mistake and Rob and Grant catch up. Rob and Grant are on their 3rd set. Phil, Ashley and Nat are out of the challenge. Rob is in the lead. Grant takes the wrong board up twice. Rob has trouble going up the steps. Rob has his 4th step and has 2 steps left. Andrea and Grant have 3 left. Rob has one more left. Rob will win immunity. Grant is catching up though. Rob crawls to the top and wins immunity. Wow, that took a lot of effort. Rob looks spent. He says that his legs are cramping and they are burning up. He asks for help from his tribe. Grant and Jeff help him up. That was one heck of a difficult challenge. He was barely standing after the challenge. Grant looks fine. Rob just wanted it more than anyone else. That’s why he’ll win Survivor.

Oh man, my legs are like Jell-O.
Boston Rob

Physically, the challenge, I had to literally give everything I had. Afterwards, I felt like I was going to die. But I figure that I’m 7 days away and I’m giving it everything I got.
Boston Rob

Winning immunity gives Rob all of the options. The target is still Andrea. She thinks they are voting for Philip. Philip starts driving everyone crazy at camp once again.

Straight back to normal Felipe.

Philip reveals that being an ass was all part of his plan. It’s part of a grand scheme so that he will make it into the finals. I don’t know if this was utterly stupid or brilliant, but it’s definitely worked well. He says that every few days, he’s got to make the Ometepes remember the good old annoying Philip. And that’s what he does. He starts going on about how the Zapateras mangled their fishing nets. Philip says that he’s got an oral argument to make everyone think twice about Rob. I think that’s a load of crap.

Rob is talking about Philip with Grant. Rob is thinking that Philip could be playing them. Rob’s onto Philip, but he’s not fully convinced.

It’s time for tribal. Philip goes on about some BS he did in the Army. Andrea says that whoever comes back from Redemption, they need to beat them so they should keep the tribe strong. I don’t know. I have trouble believing this new Philip. I mean, sure, going undercover for this amount of time is no problem for someone who’s had this experience before. If this was Philip’s case, then he could have duped everyone, especially by pretending that he wasn’t socially aware of what he was doing. The tactic has worked for him pretty well, but Rob has already started suspecting him.

Vote to Evict

Rob                        Andrea
Grant                    Andrea
Ashley                  Andrea
Nat                         Andrea
Philip                     Andrea
Andrea                 Philip

As soon as the 2nd vote for Andrea is read by Jeff, Andrea says “Oh my God” and David tells the rest of the jury that Andrea just got blindsided. Andrea gets evicted by a 5-1 vote. This went as expected. There were no surprises except of what we have heard from Philip.

* * * * *

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57 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island You Mangled My Nets S22E12 (CBS)”

  1. I was impressed with Rob this episode. I almost hold the hope that he will accomplish his goal and win. But I’m not sure the jury, made up of the losing tribe, will want to vote to give Rob a million dollars when they know he was the one orchestrating his team. They also know he’s, in a way, a million dollar winner through Amber. So the jury thinks he’s already had his Survivor moment. He’ll be like Russell, close but no cigar. I’m sure Rob will get the money they always give away at the end for the viewers’ choice of their favorite Survivor, but I don’t think he’ll get the big prize.

    I can’t imagine anyone giving Phillip any money unless that is one heck of a speech he claims he has ready. Let’s say Phillip discloses he was playing all of them all along. Well, he was too successful at it. I don’t think people will believe he is really a sane person playing crazy. There is nothing he can do in the last moment to convince anyone his actions in the game have been tactical made with a calculating mind. He played crazy too well. And one doesn’t win Survivor based on acting skills.

    So, who is left? Maybe Grant. I don’t see any of the women still hanging around having done anything to deserve the money. But one of them just might get it based on the jury not wanting to give it to Rob or Phillip. I think it might come down to having a choice of two or three to vote from. If it’s three then I don’t think Rob can win. If it’s two, and a choice between Rob and Phillip, then Rob just might get his wish.

    1. I don’t know about Grant. He’s been very quiet and Rob’s right hand man. If he ends up being in the finals, they might just give it to him to spite Rob. I don’t think that Philip has any chance of winning. Both tribes dislike him.

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