The Amazing Race This is Where It Ends S18E11-12 (CBS)

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It was somewhat of a disappointment that the final task was so easy. Usually, the final task is a gigantic puzzle of some kind, that breaks down the contestants. This time around, it involved decorating a miniature trailer. Zev/Justin paid dearly for being so hairy in Brazil. It was funny to watch them getting waxed, but painful at the same time. I feel ambivalent about the winners of the race, Kisha/Jen. At least they deserve it more than the Globetrotters.

Teams are flying to Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the girls in Brazil are men. Check the neck!
Big Easy

Kisha/Jen and Gary/Mallory go through a travel agent. They will arrive at 5:40PM. The basketball players go directly to British Airways. Zev/Justin check the internet and take the same tickets that arrive at 7:30AM. When Big Easy sees Kisha/Jen and Gary/Mallory, he doesn’t say anything but his face gives it away. All teams are on the same flight.

All teams arrive at Santa Theresa. The globetrotters are bringing up the rear. They miss the train. The next one is in 30 minutes.

Zev/Justin get the clue first. They must go to the Largo de Sao Francisco de Paula. Gary/Mallory are 2nd. Kisha/Jen are 3rd. The basketball players are getting on the train. The teams face a Roadblock. Teams must learn the samba.

I have white boy rhythm.

Zev has to do this one, then Mallory arrives. Kisha/Jen’s cab drops them off at the wrong place. They get directions from some soldiers. Mallory is ready first and completes the Roadblock first. Teams must make their way to Copacabana. Zev fails the 1st time. Kisha/Jen arrive. Kisha does this one.

Gary/Mallory arrive at the next clue. All team members must endure a Brazilian waxing session. They must endure 15 minutes. Gary yelps when they pull out his hair.

Zev fails for the 2nd time. Kisha completes the Roadblock and they leave. The basketball players arrive. Big Easy does this one.

Teams face a Detour. In On the Rocks, teams must make their way to a local bar where they must learn to make a popular drink. They must make 100. In On the Beach, teams make their way to the beach. Teams must sell bikini tops. Gary/Mallory do On the Rocks.

Zev completes the Roadblock and they leave. Big Easy has to start over. He did the ending wrong.

Gary/Mallory start making drinks. It takes them a few tries before they get the process right. Kisha/Jen get waxed. Zev/Justin are lost. The basketball players get waxed. Kisha/Jen do On the Rocks. The basketball players do the same. Zev/Justin arrive to get waxed. They are quite hairy. They scream like little girls. It’s funny. It’s hilarious.

I swear to God I will punch you in the face. ×2 What’s the penalty for punching her in the face?

All of the teams are making drinks. Zev/Justin are selling swimsuits. They are utterly failing, but there are some nice women in thongs that are all censored. They switch Detours.

Gary/Mallory finish 1st. They make their way to the next pit stop, the Museum of Contemporary Art. Gary/Mallory finish 1st. They win a cruise along the Mediterranean. Kisha/Jen leave for the pit stop. They finish 2nd. The basketball players are horsing around while Zev/Justin are slowly catching up. The basketball players finish and leave. They finish 3rd. Zev/Justin are eliminated.

Teams leave Rio for Miami. They must make their way to a marina. Kisha/Jen leave 10 min later. The basketball players leave 25 min after Kisha/Jen. All teams are on the same flight. Flight Time and Big Easy say that they are leaving their bags at the airport. Kisha/Jen and the basketball players are 1st out of the gate. Gary/Mallory are behind. Kisha/Jen pass the basketball players. They face a Roadblock. Teams have to master a big forklift to stack a boat in dry dock. Kisha and Flight Time do this. Gary/Mallory’s cab driver is lost. Mallory is freaking out. Flight Time finishes 1st. They leave for Key Largo.

Gary/Mallory arrive at the marina. The basketball players tell their cab to fuel up and wait for them. The teams face a Roadblock. They must take a Bob Dive (a personal submersible) down among the mermaids to find a clue. Jen and Big Easy do this. Jen says that she took swimming lessons specifically for this kind of a task. Big Easy gets it first. Teams must find Mile Marker 29. The basketball players’ taxi is missing. They find it a few minutes later. Kisha/Jen pass the basketball players. Gary/Mallory arrive at the Roadblock. Kisha/Jen are 1st. They must walk across a shallow section of the ocean to get to Horseshoe Island. Kisha/Jen find it first. It’s cute how they are holding hands in the water. Teams must return to the mainland and take a boat to another marina. They must make their way to a mobile home park. Kisha/en are a few minutes ahead of the basketball players.

Teams must choose a trailer, hook it up to the local utilities, and set it up the same way as in a brochure. They have trouble with the canopy because of the wind. Both teams fail at their 1st attempt. The wind keeps blowing down their props. Kisha/Jen finish 1st. Teams must travel to Seven-Mile Bridge and the finish line. The basketball players finish and leave. The teams must ride tricycles on the bridge. The basketball players realize that Kisha/Jen are too far ahead of them. Kisha/Jen win the Amazing Race.

* * * * *

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