Survivor Redemption Island Too Close for Comfort S22E13 (CBS)

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Boston Rob ended up in a rock and a hard place, having to choose between Nat and Grant for the upcoming eviction. The plan was to get rid of Ashley, since we was starting to maneuver against him. However, after having done nothing in Survivor but look tan and anorexic, Ashley managed to win a challenge and immunity. That and the fact that she shared her food reward with Nat sealed her fate in the next episode.

Boston Rob thought about getting rid of Nat, but ultimately, he expects it easier to win in the finals with her than with Grant, which is why he got rid of Grant. This was a mistake. Grant was a much bigger ally of his than Nat and it might come to bite him in the ass. However, it could mean that Grant would come back through Redemption Island, if he can beat Matt, Mike, and Andrea.

* * * * *

I think that Andrea was as shocked about going to Redemption Island as she was about meeting up with Matt again.

The Ometepes comes back. Ashley liked tribal. Ashley keeps mentioning to stick up for each other, but ultimately her alliance lies with Rob. Rob notices and coaches her on this.

Andrea arrives at Redemption Island. Matt doesn’t really welcome her because she backstabbed him twice in a row. They get into it right away. Ralph is letting her sleep on the ground. It’s payback because she did the same as part of the Ometepes to the Zapatera of the merged tribe.

Rob was using you like toilet paper. He wiped his ass now you’re [unintelligible].

It’s time for another four-way duel. Andrea starts to cry. I don’t care. Whatever. Let’s move on. The duel involves solving a table maze, smashing a tile, and solving another puzzle. Ralph has a little lead. Andrea is frantic. Ralph jumps ahead. He starts assembling the puzzle. Mike and Matt are doing well. Andrea is very loud and annoying during the challenge. She’s going home. Mike and Matt are finished with the table maze. Everyone is working on their puzzle. Ralph hasn’t made much progress. His lead has evaporated. Mike has. Ralph is falling behind. Matt is close to Mike. Mike completes the puzzle. Instead of concentrating on the task at hand, Andrea keeps looking at her competition. Matt and Andrea finish the puzzle. I’m surprised. Ralph was terrible at the puzzle.

Back at camp, the Ometepes are going hungry. Rob and Grant talk about Ashley. They hatch a plan to get rid of her at the next tribal. Philip gets in Nat’s and Ashley’s faces. It’s funny, probably because it’s part of Philip’s “plan”. They are arguing about food. It ends with Ashley yelling “psycho” at Philip. Philip is giving Rob even more work. His tirade made Ashley and Nat pull closer together when Rob wants them further apart. Rob talks with Nat. He lets it slide that Grant wants to get Ashley out, maybe during the next tribal. Ashley wants to get rid of Grant. She talks about this with Rob, who doesn’t really consider this. He ran the numbers on this scenario weeks ago. It doesn’t make sense. All it does is get Ashley closer to the finals. Rob talks to Grant. Rob tells him that they need to win immunity to get rid of Ashley. Well, it didn’t take long for them to turn on each other.

The next day, they get treemail. Ashley senses that something is up. She thinks that she needs to win. She is starting to feel paranoid. Ashley thinks that Rob is on board with the plan to blindside Grant. Rob talks with Nat a bit. He sounds very genuine. He thinks that Nat is a sweetheart.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They will use large fishhooks to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. The pieces complete a puzzle in the shape of a fish skeleton. They will do the challenge with an arm tied behind their backs. The reward is a 3-course meal delivered at camp.

Grant makes quick work of retrieving the first bag. He puts the puzzle together and moves on to his 2nd bag. Philip and Rob follow suit. Nat finishes the 1st section. Rob and Philip bring the 2nd bags back. Rob is working hard at the 2nd puzzle. Nat is stuck on the 1st puzzle. Ashley completes the 2nd section. Grant is a moment behind her. Philip and Rob are close. It’s between Rob, Philip, and Ashley. Grant can’t get the last bag hooked. Ashley wins immunity and reward. Now that’s going to be interesting. Who will go home? Philip? Ashley picks Nat to join her to eat the meal. Jeff mentions to Ash that she should be kind to her waiter. In Rob’s VT, it looks like Grant is going to Redemption Island.

It seems like no matter the situation on Survivor, I have to do the dirty work because everybody else too stupid to do it.

Rob talks with Philip on how to put on a show for Grant. Grant says that they have to get rid of Nat, because she’s too close to Ashley. The food arrives for Nat and Ashley. It’s pizza, salad, chocolate cake, nachos, pasta, fruit cake, bruschetta and beverages. Later, they feel sick. Meanwhile, Rob, Grant, and Philip are eating a cup of rice. Nat is stuck in the middle. She doesn’t like it.

It’s time for tribal. Grant thinks it was crucial for him to win tonight. Ashley feels confident. Jeff says that because Ashley picked Nat, it might make them a target because they might vote together. Grant talks about his fiancée. He starts to tear up. Rob says that this is the biggest vote so far.

Votes to Evict

Nat                         Grant
Rob                        Grant
Philip                     Grant
Ashley                  Grant
Grant                    Nat

Grant is evicted by a 4-1 vote.

* * * * *

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56 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island Too Close for Comfort S22E13 (CBS)”

  1. I can’t believe the finale is on Sunday. I was thinking there was another week or so to go. Seems like a lot of people left, not to mention the Redemption Island winner.

    If Matt wins and goes back into the game then he has the greatest shot to win the million if he gets to the final three. I think there will be three to choose from this season. We’ll soon see.

    Is the next Tribal the last one to use the Immunity Idol? If so, Rob will definitely not go home then. It could be a big blindside for the other name(s) written down since no one knows Rob has the Idol.

    So, I’m now looking at your list of who is left. Four. Then add one from Redemption Island. Someone, not Rob, goes home. Then there are four left to battle for the last immunity challenge. That means there will probably be three sitting there for the final. If Matt makes it, then he’ll win. That’s my guess.

  2. I don’t know. Matt hasn’t really played the game. He’s just been on Redemption Island and I think that his strength has left him. Either Grant or Mike will win the final challenge in my opinion.

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