Fringe 6:02AM EST S03E20 (Fox)

Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different. Fringe is the latest show of wunderkind J.J. Abrams. Like most new shows, the pilot was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago.

Just like a few other shows, like True Blood, I’m happily surprised by Fringe. The production values are great and I’m enjoying it a lot. A lot of money has been pumped into this show, and it just looks fabulous. The protagonists are also an interesting bunch. There isn’t much more that we learn of the Pattern, but Massive Dynamics is most definitely deeply connected with those events, even though they aren’t sharing their information with Agent Dunham.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s getting better and better, and I like it maybe a bit more than X-Files. Why? There are less filler episodes. Most episodes deal with the mythology of the show.

The other side speeds up Armageddon by switching on their machine using the DNA from Bolivia’s child..

* * * * *

The code for this week is AGENT.

On the other side, they are working on the machine at the DoD. They’ve got only half of Peter’s DNA profile. They extracted it from Bolivia’s child. They hope it will be enough be enough to activate the machine.

In Accord, NY, some sheep are going nutty. Then it’s the locusts. They jokingly say that it’s the Apocalypse. They see a bright light in the sky.

Sam Weiss is in his bowling alley. He sees something strange and goes to check on a device. The device is some kind of pendulum. It starts knocking by itself. It’s the end of one world.

Olivia wakes up with Peter’s arms around her. She runs into a naked Walter. They are called to a new case.

They come across some devastation in Accord. Walter believes that a vortex appeared and consumed everything in its path. Their world is breaking apart.

Nina calls Broyles. She says that the machine came on by itself at 6:02AM EST. Later, Walter realizes that the machine on the other side must have been turned on by Walternate. Due to quantum entanglement, it elicited a sympathetic response from the machine on this side. There are other incidents of organic life being desiccated and destroyed.

Bolivia is walking her son. She’s called to a Fringe Event at Liberty Island. It’s a class 10 event. Walternate calls Lee and tells them to stand down. Bolivia goes to see Walternate. She asks him if he activated the weapon.

Olivia helped Nina to come up with ways to track the anomalies. Olivia goes to MD in NYC. They don’t have enough amber. Nina tells her about Sam Weiss. He knows a lot about the machine. He wrote the First People books. All of the author’s names were anagrams of his name. Peter thinks that he can turn the machine off.

Sam is using a window-like device to peer into the other side.

Bolivia is putting Henry to bed. Lee is going to babysit while she goes to the other side to get Peter. He’s the only one who can fix this, at least that’s what she believes. She goes to Liberty Island. She wants him to use Walternate’s tech to bring Peter over.

Peter is about to step into the machine. Olivia doesn’t know about it yet. Peter only touches the machine and it throws him off. They bring him to the hospital. Peter is in unconscious, but he’s stable. The machine wouldn’t let him go into it.

Olivia is at the hospital. Sam finds her. He says that she has to take him to the machine. They don’t have much time.

On the other side, Bolivia is being detained until this is over.

* * * * *

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