Fringe The Last Sam Weiss S03E21 (Fox)

Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different. Fringe is the latest show of wunderkind J.J. Abrams. Like most new shows, the pilot was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago.

Just like a few other shows, like True Blood, I’m happily surprised by Fringe. The production values are great and I’m enjoying it a lot. A lot of money has been pumped into this show, and it just looks fabulous. The protagonists are also an interesting bunch. There isn’t much more that we learn of the Pattern, but Massive Dynamics is most definitely deeply connected with those events, even though they aren’t sharing their information with Agent Dunham.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s getting better and better, and I like it maybe a bit more than X-Files. Why? There are less filler episodes. Most episodes deal with the mythology of the show.

Peter wakes up, but isn’t sure from where he’s from. Meanwhile, Olivia and Sam Weiss find a way for Peter to get into the machine. At the end of the episode, he manages to get inside and is flung into the future.

* * * * *

The code for this week is MULTI.

Peter is still in the hospital.

There is a strange electrical storm on a freeway.

Sam says that the machine thinks that Peter is already inside of his. He wants to disable the force field to let Peter in safely. He shows her pages from the manuscript on which the First Peoples book was based upon. There’s some kind of crowbar that they have to find to pry open the force field.

Sam Weiss says that he isn’t the first Sam Weiss. His family was behind the manuscripts and they were trying to find the missing parts of it. They find the crowbar.

Walter gets an idea after messing around with a kite in the storm and getting struck by lightning twice. Peter wakes up. He’s got amnesia. He walks out and sees the world being struck by repetitive lightning strikes. He leaves for NYC. He left a message that he’s going home.

Astrid and Walter discover that there are two loci for the strikes: Liberty Island and the place where their machine is stored. The machines in different universes are creating a magnetic field between them. That’s what creating these Fringe events. They need to move their machine to the same place as the other. It will buy them time while Olivia figures out a way to get Peter inside the machine. Olivia and Sam get the key. The crowbar is Olivia. They show it to Walter. Olivia can open the force field long enough for Peter to get into the machine. Walter says that she will need to turn off the machine over there. Olivia can do telekinesis and she can travel over to the other side. In theory, she can use both these abilities in tandem to turn off the machine on the other side. They start Olivia off the quantum entangled typewriter. She doesn’t make much progress and they are told that Peter is missing.

Peter is looking for a pawn shop. He buys a silver half dollar. Peter arrives at Liberty Island. Peter thinks that he is on the other side. He thinks that Walternate is his father. When they find him, Peter is acting strange. He says that he is confused but he recovers quickly.

Peter and Olivia are trying to figure things out. Back at the lab, the quantum entangled typewriter starts typing out a message. It types “Be a better man than your father”.

Olivia steps toward the machine and concentrates. They hear a rising whine. The machine is off and ready for Peter. Peter gets into the machine. As soon as he does, Peter wakes up on some street. It looks like a war is going on. He’s in the future. He sees a memorial to 9/11 that was made in 2021. He sees the new World Trade Center. A soldier calls him Agent Bishop. He’s part of Fringe Division.

* * * * *

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