Game of Thrones Cripples Bastards and Broken Things S01E04 (HBO)

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This new fantasy series is based upon The Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. Unlike other fantasy settings, since it is being broadcast on HBO, it features nudity and adult language. Unlike Camelot (Starz), which enjoys tearing apart Arthurian Legends, Game of Thrones is a compelling TV show. The premiere episode was on Sunday and the overall quality of the show, plus its unique setting makes it something to watch for the next few weeks.

It is also the polar opposite of a show like Spartacus, where there is so much nudity that it’s almost common place. In Game of Thrones, it’s part of the story and it feels like it’s an uncensored version. The story could be told without nudity and adult language, but it makes this show appeal to the target audience.

The most disturbing scene in this first episode involved the Queen played by Lena Hadley and her twin brother having incestuous relations. As a result, they end up throwing Stark’s son off a tower to keep their secret.

The story is set set in Westeros where “summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime”. I was surprised to hear that some US viewers wanted subtitles for this show. I mean, it’s in English. Granted, there are some different British accents, but it’s not like it’s so strong that it’s hard to understand. Those viewers who need subtitles should watch more international broadcasts.

All in all, I liked this show. I haven’t yet read the books, but it’s an intriguing setting and I and eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are quite complex, and the storyline will mix political intrigue with what will come through the wall of ice. Like many stories of this kind, there is a great evil that will come with the fall of winter, and it won’t be pretty.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

I’ve enjoyed these episodes of this new series, but it’s taking quite a while for the plot to be discernible, which is why I’ve started reading the books. They are much more satisfying than having to wait each week for a tidbit or nugget of information.

Bran the cripple is dreaming because at the start of the episode, he’s walking. He’s following a three-eyed raven. He’s got a creepy nursemaid. Bran’s been summoned. Rob’s not very welcoming to the Lannister. Tyranian gives him plans on a new type of saddle for cripples.

I’ve a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards, and broken things.

Tyranian goes to a brothel.

Snow is instructing some Knight’s Watch soldiers. Some fatty appears. He’s come to take the oath. They beat him senseless.

Hit him ‘till he finds his feet.
Sir Alys

The commander wants to test Snow. He orders three of them to attack Snow. They aren’t successful. Later, the commander partners the fatty with Snow. The fatty’s father chased him away from his title and inheritance.

The Horde is still on its way somewhere. They come to a city of the Horselords. Viserys needs the shit kicked out of him again. The whore who’s instructing Daenery in sexual matters talks to Viserys about the many things she’s seen. She’s obsessed with dragons. He tells them about the skulls that used to adorn the Iron Throne room. He puts her in her place.

Viserys attacks his sister once again. She flays him with some golden chains and teaches him a lesson. She confides in the knight. She doesn’t believe that her brother will ever take back the throne, even if the Kal gives him an army.

I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki. I am the wife of the great Kal and I carry his son inside of me. The next time you raise a hand to me, will be the last time you have hands.
Daenerys speaking like a Queen

During another council meeting, things aren’t going well. The city is overflowing with people for the Hand’s Championship. Stark learns that Arryn came inquiring for a book. Stark wants to read it. It’s the lineage and histories of the 7 kingdoms. Arryn kept repeating ‘the seed is strong’ before he passed from his sudden ‘illness’. Stark asks about poison.

Arya is busy getting her balance. She tells her father that she’s not interested in bearing children or marrying some high lord. Baelish tells Stark that there are spies everywhere. He puts him on the clue about Sir Hugh and an armorer. Sir Hugh won’t talk to Stark’s man, but the armorer says that Arryn came a few times to see him. He came to see the boy. He’s an armorer. He’s somebody’s son or something like that. An heir to the throne? Stark recognizes his bearing and then leaves. He’s Robert’s bastard.

It’s for the Hand’s Championship. Sir Hugh dies in the first bout. Cersei comes to see Stark to apologize. She tells him that his King has broken the realm. It’s already too late for him.

Tyranian manages to find Catelyn on the road to Winterfell. She recognizes some of the men in the tavern. They are allies and friends of Lord Stark and her father. She tells them that Tyranian was a guest of her house when he conspired to have her son killed. She asks the knights assembled to seize Tyranian and they all do.

This man came into my house as a guest and there conspired to murder my son, a boy of ten. In the name of King Robert and the good Lords you serve, I call upon you to seize him and help me return him to Winterfell, to await the King’s Justice.
Lady Catelyn Stark’s speech

That speech gave me shivers at the end, especially when all of the knights bared their swords against the Lannister at the behest of Lady Stark.

* * * * *

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