Nurse Jackie Rat Falls S03E05 (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia

Following the framework of previously established dramadies on Showtime, Nurse Jackie aims to show the life of a RN working at a busy hospital who pops pills and leads a double life.

Nurse Jackie has already created some controversy because of its content. The show is for mature audiences and tells a story about a hard working nurse, dedicated to her job, but with a habit.

This show is a lot better than Hawthorne. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but the situations that Jackie gets herself into are amusing. She’s cheating on her devoted husband with her pharmacist, who supplies her with pills. She deals out her own kind of justice in order to make things right in her own eyes.

Nurse Jackie is entertaining and between all of the new medical dramas, Hawthorne, Mercy, etc., it’s definitely the best.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jackie is jealous of Toony and Eddie. They are texting. She doesn’t like where this is going. Jackie is running out of dope. Rats have gotten into one of her stashes. She takes at least 5 pills a day. That’s cutting it short.

Gloria and Coop lose a patient. Coop is stilly vying to be chief of the ER.

Some woman is back in the ER. She’s been all over different ERs to get treatment. Some guy named Babiek comes back with a broken wrist. He lost his insurance and no longer has his meds. Eleanor gives him a year’s worth of meds.

Gloria meets Thor and Jackie in the chapel. She plans on stealing a statue since the diocese deconsecrated the chapel.

Coop has lunch with his moms. They tell him that they are getting a divorce. He starts to cry. Later, he is on a boat in the middle of the lake.

Jackie is trying to warn Eddie of Toony.

Babiek comes back to the ER. He tells Jackie that he keeps falling. Meanwhile, the rats are going at some of Jackie’s dope.

A doped out rat falls on Zoe’s salad wrap.

Jackie meets with the dope dealer. She pays $200 for six blue pills. I had to Google them. It’s oxycontin or oxycodone, a pain killer.

* * * * *

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