United States of Tara The Road to Hell Is Paved With Breast Intention sS03E06 (Showtime)

United States of Tara is a dramedy on Showtime. It stars Toni Collette. It was created by Steven Spielberg and developed by Diablo Cody. The show follows the life of a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. It shows how she and her family copes with her disease. She’s decided to stop taking her meds and to find the root cause of her disorder. T, Alice, and Buck are three of her alter-egos who re-emerge.

* * * * *

Just like some other critics, I’ve noticed a definite problem with the overall quality of the show this season. After three episodes, it hasn’t improved. The quality of the dialog and the overall storyline is no longer what it was before. I’m going to give this show another chance, but if it doesn’t improve, I’ll most likely drop it.

* * * * *

Buck decides to shoot some crows. Tara wanted Buck to kill the bird and he did. After he did, he left. Tara is talking about this with Hatteras. She says that she is fine.

Kate is out of training. Neil is meeting with Charmaine’s mom.

Max isn’t happy at his job.

She wanted me to spit in her ear when she came.

When the mother comes by to see Charmaine, Tara transitions into T and leaves. Neil brought the mom over so that she can finance the baby. They are running out of money and neither of them wants to work. She takes them to Macy’s. She tries to muscle in on Tara, but Tara transitions and tells the mother off.

Some dude chats up Kate on a flight.

Noah and Marsh go through some old VHS tapes. Neil used to be very thin and fit.

The mother reveals that she is broke and that her husband has been committed to an old people’s home.

Neil is starting work with his brother. He’ll be leaving for 2 months.

Tara should have been in psychotherapy for a long time. That and meds.

Buck goes to see Tara’s mom. She forces him to relinquish so that she can face him.

Kate asks the same guy out but he rebuffs her advances.

In their sessions, Hatteras discovers that Tara isn’t the one in control. It’s either Buck or another alter. He, because he’s got a definite masculine voice, tells Hatteras that he will not win.

* * * * *

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